A Review of Cypraeiform Gastropods from Neogene Strata of Northwestern Ecuador, with the Description of Two New Species

Lindsey T. Groves


Six cypraeacean species, two of them new, and one unidentified triviid specimen are reviewed from Neogene strata of northwestern Ecuador. New species of Zonaria s.s. and Z. (Pseudozonaria) are described from the lower Pliocene Esmeraldas beds of the Onzole Formation.  These new species and Jenneria (Jenneria) panamensis (Olsson, 1967) are the first cypraeaceans reported from the Esmeraldas beds. The unidentified triviid is the first of its kind reported from the Neogene of Ecuador. Three previously described cypraeid species are also included in this review.

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