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Brunet, Rodolfo F.J.
Brunet, Rodolfo F.J. (United States)
Bryan, Johnathan R.
Bryan, Jonathan R
Bukry, David
Bukry, David (United States)
Bullock, Robert C.
Burkenroad, Martin D.
Bybell, L. M., United States Geological Survey
Bybell, Laurel M.


Campbell, D.C., Tulane University
Campbell, David
Campbell, David C.
Campbell, L.D.
Campbell, Lyle D., Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of South Carolina Spartanburg, South Carolina
Campbell, Lyle D.
Campbell, Lyle D, University of South Carolina
Campbell, Matthew R., Department of Geology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Campbell, Matthew R
Carson III, Robert J.
Carter, Burchard D.
Cate, Jean M.
Christopher, R. A., United States Geological Survey
Cooke, James C., Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology Earth Sciences Department Tulane University
Cooke, James C.

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