Journal Issues Separated for Display Reduced in Number

During the intersession the library’s Stacks Management staff worked on a project that reduced to 57 the number of journal titles with current issues separated from the general stacks for display on Howard-Tilton Memorial Library's 3rd floor.  The reduced number of current issues displayed are now located on a single set of shelves located against the wall to the right of the double doors entering the Selley Study Commons. 

The goal of the project has been to limit the number of titles separated from general shelving locations to only those such as magazines and other popular titles most appropriate for display and browsing. That’s because even before the project only a small portion of the library’s copies of current journals in print format were located on these display shelves, which were originally intended, before the advent of online subscriptions, to provide users with a sample of current issues for browsing.  

Most current journal issues in print format have long been housed with the full volumes of each journal in the general stacks.  Like books, journals in the general stacks are grouped by subject in an LC call number arrangement.   

Over time as the general collection has been spread out over the library’s six primary floors, the “sample” current journal issues that were separated from the general stacks became more difficult to find, especially for new students or others new to the building. Moreover, many current issues of journals available through the library’s online subscriptions today no longer come to the library in print format, and relatively few of the library's journals that still have current print copies are unavailable for browsing online.
Thus the remaining display shelves will now be devoted to selected titles of magazines and other popular titles retained in print format specifically for display and browsing.  (See list here).  Otherwise, the formerly displayed current issues have been incorporated into the general stacks to be housed along the other volumes from the same journal.

For help locating journals, books, or any items arranged by call number in the library see these instructions ( or ask the staff for help at the Research Help Desk on the 1st floor in the Learning Commons of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.