New Late Night Access Policy

Beginning Monday, January 23, new security turnstiles will be in operation earlier during the evenings at the entrance to Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.   At 8:00 PM each night, access to the library will be limited to active Tulane affiliates and anyone with a Howard-Tilton Memorial Library borrowing card.  Lusher and International High School students will not be allowed in the building after 8:00 PM.  A Tulane ID or library borrowing card will be required for entry.  At 1:00 AM each night, access to the library will be limited to active Tulane affiliates only.  A Tulane ID will be required for entry after 1:00 AM.  An officer will be available to assist with any problems, answer questions, and monitor new security cameras installed throughout the library building from a security desk at the entrance.
Frequently Asked Questions about this policy
·         Why are these changes taking place?
The Library is one of the busiest and most accessible buildings on campus.  While we want to be as welcoming as possible to the entire community, our primary mission is to serve Tulane students and faculty.  To do so effectively, we want to create an environment that is as safe as possible without being too restrictive.  We believe that limiting access to the building at certain times, coupled with some other safety measures, will help everyone feel more secure when using our facilities.
·         What other security measures are in place at the library?
In addition to the entrance changes, we have also installed an increased number of security cameras on every floor.  The cameras operate 24/7 and record everything in their lines of sight.  They are networked and can be viewed remotely by the Tulane police.  We also have a Tulane security officer patrolling the building in the evening hours (in addition to the monitor at the entrance).  That officer brings all users down to the first floor after 1:00 AM to help ensure a safer environment.  Security is everyone’s concern.  If your observe unusual, threatening, or unsettling behavior in the library, please call TUPD (at 504-865-5911) and/or notify library staff on the first floor of the building.
·         Does this change affect other Tulane libraries?
No, these changes apply only to Howard-Tilton.  Other campus libraries will continue to have their own hours of operation and access policies.  See our web site ( for further details.
·         I am a Tulane student and left my ID in my room.  Will you still let me in?
You can still access the library prior to 8:00 PM without any form of ID.  After 8:00 PM, if you do not have your Tulane ID, you will need to present a picture ID (such as a driver’s license) to the security guard at the front desk.  That guard will then check to verify that you are a current student, and then allow you into the library.
·         I have a guest who is not a Tulane affiliate but comes with me to the library.  Can they still get in?
If you have a guest that wishes access to the building after 8:00 PM, he/she will need to present a picture ID (such as a driver’s license) to the security guard at the front desk.  They will then need to sign in with the guard, who will allow them access to the building.
·         Does this mean the building will be open 24/7?
While there are currently no plans to open the building 24/7, this setup would allow us to extend the building’s hours in the future, if circumstances warrant.
·         I have been coming in to the library for years even though I am not a Tulane student, staff member, faculty member, or alum.  Why can’t I get in now?
Anyone is welcome to continue to use the library prior to 8:00 PM.  The building will have open access 12.5 hours a day.  Also, no one will be asked to leave the building after 8:00 PM, unless they are in violation of the library code of conduct.  Patrons in the building prior to 8:00 PM are welcome to continue to use the building, but if they leave and try to re-enter, they will need to show an ID.  We restrict access during the evening and late-night hours to help ensure the safety of our students and staff.