No 1 (2014)

This report was prepared by Associate Professor Saru Matambanadzo and Research Assistants Mariya Volzskhaya and Anthony Johnson for the Newcomb College Institute of Tulane University in partnership with ION ( and the New Orleans chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners ( 

Newcomb College Institute’s mission is to educate undergraduate women for leadership in the 21st century. We support women students’ research initiatives, advocate for a gender-integrated curriculum, develop community engaged service-learning courses, promote student organizations for women, and bring women leaders to campus. NCI carries on the legacy of Newcomb College by offering a women- centered educational experience in a co-educational institution. To learn more about NCI and their contributions to Tulane and the community, visit

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2013 Report on Women and Corporate Boards in Louisiana PDF
Saru Matambanadzo