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Bruce M. Goodwin, R.A.

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IƱaki Alday, Dean, Richard Koch Chair in Architecture

Program Description

The School of Architecture offers an accredited professional program at the undergraduate level leading to a Masters of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree as well as an accredited professional degree at the graduate level (M.Arch.1). Additionally, there is a Post-Professional Master of Science in Architectural Research and Design. Specialties include sustainable design, technological systems and urban studies. The School also offers a Masters in Historic Preservation, a Masters in Sustainable Real Estate Development, and a minor in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (SISE). Some faculty are also programmatically linked to Tulane University's "City, Culture and Community" Ph.D. program.

Subject Resource Guide


Major topical descriptors include: architecture - general, architectural history division, architectural history - general, ancient architecture, classical architecture, modern architecture, contemporary architecture, indigenous architecture, vernacular architecture, individual architects, architectural practice, architecture & environment, architectural design, architectural details, architecture for special groups, interior design, architectural models, architectural construction, architectural remodeling, restoration of buildings, architectural ornamentation, sustainability, architecture by building type, buildings classed by materials, landscape architecture, urban design/planning, and outdoor architecture.

General collections for Architecture are held in three locations: The Architecture Library with limited space in Richardson Memorial Hall within the School of Architecture; the main Howard-Tilton Memorial Library building; and the Tulane Libraries Off-site Storage Facility at 900 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway located about two miles from the university's uptown campus. The Architecture Library houses higher-use materials such as monographs requested for purchase by faculty or students, new serial volumes, and reserve collections.  Books auto-shipped to the library on approval go directly to Howard-Tilton Memorial Library where they are shelved with additional materials supporting the Architecture program on the library's 6th floor. The off-site facility houses older, lower-use materials. 


Monographs, monographic series, specialized reference works, bibliographies, and serials are collected. Textbooks, topical exhibition catalogs, non-Tulane dissertations, and multi-media are purchased selectively at user request.


To broaden access and conserve physical space, journals are sought online whenever this format is available. Print may be canceled to reduce costs when ownership of the online version is assured. When ownership of the online version is not assured, online access at additional cost will be sought within the amount budgeted for architecture journals. Monographs and other types are generally purchased as printed text. Other formats are considered, especially when the alternative format would improve access or utility.


English is sought. Materials in other languages are considered selectively.

Chronological Period

All periods are considered when appropriate to curricular needs.

Imprint Date

Emphasis is placed on items published during the last three years. Older materials are selectively purchased. Out-of-print materials are sought to replace lost materials considered indispensable to the collection, or upon faculty request. Older materials are primariliy housed in Tulane University's main library, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, and in offsite storage.

Geographical Considerations

The Architecture collection is global in scope and includes books on all facets of the designed world as well as books on structures and technology, architectural history, sustainability, etc.

Related Collections

Cooperative Resources

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is one of 14 members of a cooperative consortium of southern research libraries called KUDZU, which includes a shared online catalog. Loan requests through this system receive priority processing and expedited two-day delivery. The library is also a member of the cooperative Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in Chicago, through which we may borrow a wide range of rare materials for our users. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty may borrow materials directly from the main library nearby at Loyola University of New Orleans through a reciprocal agreement called TU/LU. Graduate students and faculty may borrow materials at other New Orleans area academic libraries, and at other academic libraries throughout the state, through the LALINC consortium. For more information about cooperative borrowing privileges inquire at the library's Check-Out Desk. 

Supply Sources

Principal sources of supply include YBP, Michael Shamansky, the Canadian Centre for Architecture bookstore, William Stout Architectural Books, Nederlands Architectuurinstitut, and Hennessey + Ingalls.

Endowed Funds

The architecture collection is enhanced by support from endowed funds that include the Emile Weil Fund for Architectural Periodicals.

Selection Tools

Selection tools include reviews in major professional journals, newsletters, and online resources. Special attention is given to faculty, staff, and student requests, especially those that serve the Tulane School of Architecture's curriculum and Special Programs.