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Program Description

The primary mission of the Asian Studies Program is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary studies in Asian anthropology, art, economics, history, philosophy, religions, political science, and sociology, and to provide Asian language training to undergraduate students--in recognition of the critical importance of the region to the United States and the world. The Program leads to a coordinate major in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, and is staffed by six full-time faculty (all of whom are appointed to different departments) and five or more adjuncts. The Program also sponsors, with active cooperative and exchange arrangements, a semester abroad program at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan.

Subject Resource Guide


Materials sought are those not regularly obtained by affiliate Departments, particularly those in support of varying ASTA (Special Studies) course offerings. These distinctive courses change from semester to semester and emphasize facets of Asian literature, culture, history, economics, politics, sociology, philosophy, art, and religions not regularly covered or emphasized in coordinate Departments. The ranges and types of materials are therefore broad and variable; examples include in-depth, one-semester courses in Japanese painting or Hinduism. Generally excluded are popular, ephemeral materials; focuses are on scholarly, advanced-research, specialized publications. Children's literature and inspirational materials are excluded except when functioning as intrinsic parts of Special Studies courses.


Monographs, monographic series, serials, specialized reference works, conference proceedings, media (DVDs and streaming items) and recordings may be regularly sought; excluded are most anthologies, textbooks, dissertations, manuscripts, and most collections of previously published materials.


To broaden accessibility, journals are sought online when this format is available. Print may be cancelled to reduce costs when ownership of the online version is assured. Online access that requires additional costs with a print subscription will be sought selectively within the amount budgeted for Asian Studies journals. Monographs and other types are generally purchased as printed text though other formats are considered, including digital.


Asian (primarily Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese) are collected for language studies, and English for research purposes.

Chronological Period

Collection emphasis ranges from the inception of Chinese history and language (c. 2500 B.C.) to the present.

Imprint Date

Preference is given to items published within the last two or three years; out-of-print materials are sought, generally, to replace lost materials considered indispensable to the collection, or upon faculty request.

Geographical Considerations

Encompassed are Asia and the Pacific rim in general; China, Japan, and Vietnam in particular.

Related Collections

Cooperative Resources

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is one of 14 members of a cooperative consortium of southern research libraries called KUDZU, which includes a shared online catalog. Loan requests through this system receive priority processing and expedited two-day delivery. The library is also a member of the cooperative Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in Chicago, through which we may borrow a wide range of rare materials for our users. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty may borrow materials directly from the main library nearby at Loyola University of New Orleans through a reciprocal agreement called TU/LU. Graduate students and faculty may borrow materials at other New Orleans area academic libraries, and at other academic libraries throughout the state, through the LALINC consortium. For more information about cooperative borrowing privileges inquire at the library's Check-Out Desk.

Supply Sources

The approval plan with GOBI provides Asian materials according to profiles established by various Departments, supplemented by standing orders for monographic series, faculty requests, and individual orders placed at the Bibliographer's discretion.

Selection Tools

The Times Literary Supplement, the New York Review of Books, the New York Times Book Review, Publisher's Weekly, the London Book Review, Choice, Booklist, and book reviews in the Journal of Asian Studies are reviewed regularly.