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Program Description

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Tulane offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as social, cultural, and political phenomena. The program offers a Major and Minor in addition to a Graduate Certificate. Students may choose from over forty courses taught by faculty from fourteen academic departments, four other SLA programs, and four Tulane University Schools.This program was known as the Women's Studies program until February of 2009.


The Gender and Sexuality Studies collection emphasizes works on feminist and womanist theories, methodologies and criticism. It supports the curriculum described and supplements the various core academic department collections that will by their nature already include research about sex and gender issues relevant to those fields. There is substantial emphasis on feminist theory works and those increasingly produced in stand-alone Gender and Sexuality Studies departments or programs. There is an emerging and strong emphasis in international feminism, and related issues of race, class, and women in development. Works supporting life and career experience and internship opportunities associated with the program are also collected. Popular works are selectively collected to support internship experiences and to provide primary material for studies in pop culture.


Monographs, monographic series, reference works, conference proceedings, and anthologies are regularly sought. Media (including software, audio, and visual items) are selectively sought. Textbooks, dissertations, and manuscripts are sought only upon faculty request. Collections of previously published material are sought in those cases where other access to the materials is problematic. 


Most items are collected as printed text, though other formats are considered.


The collection is primarily English. However, no languages are excluded, particularly as international feminism is assuming a significant place in the core interests of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Chronological Period

Gender and Sexuality Studies as a discipline emerged in the early 1960s, however its interests date to the emergence of gendered humankind, about five million years ago. In general, most Gender and Sexuality Studies historical scholarship relies upon the written record rather than archaeological one.

Imprint Date

Out-of-print materials are sought, generally, to replace lost materials considered indispensable to the collection, or upon faculty request.

Geographical Considerations

The discipline is globally inclusive. Issues in developing and under-developed areas are a recent and fast-growing phenomenon and warrant special consideration.

Related Collections

Cooperative Resources

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is one of 14 members of a cooperative consortium of southern research libraries called KUDZU, which includes a shared online catalog. Loan requests through this system receive priority processing and expedited two-day delivery. The library is also a member of the cooperative Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in Chicago, through which we may borrow a wide range of rare materials for our users. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty may borrow materials directly from the main library nearby at Loyola University of New Orleans through a reciprocal agreement called TU/LU. Graduate students and faculty may borrow materials at other New Orleans area academic libraries, and at other academic libraries throughout the state, through the LALINC consortium. For more information about cooperative borrowing privileges inquire at the library's Check-Out Desk.

Supply Sources

An approval plan with YBP provides the large majority of book titles in Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

Endowed Funds

There are no endowed funds for Gender and Sexuality Studies. However any other appropriate endowed funds may be used for Gender and Sexuality Studies titles when there are fitting interdisciplinary components.

Selection Tools

Standard academic bibliographic tools such as Choice, Booklist, the New York Times Book Review, the New York Review of Books, and Publisher's Weekly are consulted regularly. In addition, Gender and Sexuality Studies catalogs from major trade and university presses committed to feminist scholarship are reviewed. It is predicted that we will soon see publishing venues specializing in the scholarly output of the stand-alone Gender and Sexuality Studies departments and programs, where a distinct body of research is emerging.