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Eric Wedig


Coordinator for Scholarly Resources, Social Sciences

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Program Description

The Library collects a variety of materials whose topical scope is of a general nature and not easily assigned to academic subject areas. Examples may include broad collections of essays; works covering museums or the subject of collecting; questions and answers; general humor; information about academies or learned societies; and the history of scholarship. General Works also include news magazines, popular periodicals, and newspapers. Also collected under the General Works category at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library are materials for Library and Information Science. This Library and Information Science collection supports the work, teaching, selection and research needs of the University's librarians and library staff. It also supports the research interests of students and faculty interested in such topics as bibliography, information technology, or information literacy.


Topical areas include broad multi-disciplinary themes; museology or the subject of collecting; questions and answers; general humor; information about academies or learned societies; the history of scholarship; and library and information science. Topical coverage also includes regional, national and world news as well as news and information broadly relative to the humanities, social sciences, or science and engineering.


General serials include those addressed to a popular, non scholarly audience, news publications, and newspapers. Scholarly journals in the field of library and information science are also included in this category. Monographs, monographic series and specialized reference works may be collected as well.


To broaden accessibility, serials are sought online when this format is available. Print may be cancelled to reduce costs when ownership of the online version is assured. Online access that requires additional costs with a print subscription will be sought selectively within the amount budgeted for general serials.


English is sought. Materials in other languages are considered selectively.

Chronological Period

North America is most commonly represented. Materials focusing on other geographic areas are considered selectively.

Related Collections

Cooperative Resources

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is one of 14 members of a cooperative consortium of southern research libraries called KUDZU, which includes a shared online catalog. Loan requests through this system receive priority processing and expedited two-day delivery. The library is also a member of the cooperative Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in Chicago, through which we may borrow a wide range of rare materials for our users. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty may borrow materials directly from the main library nearby at Loyola University of New Orleans through a reciprocal agreement called TU/LU. Graduate students and faculty may borrow materials at other New Orleans area academic libraries, and at other academic libraries throughout the state, through the LALINC consortium. For more information about cooperative borrowing privileges inquire at the library's Check-Out Desk.

Supply Sources

Most of general serials subscriptions are managed through the serials vendor EBSCO.

Endowed Funds

No endowed funds

Selection Tools

* Publications such as Magazines for Libraries and Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory. Recommendations are encouraged from faculty, librarians, staff, and students.