Courtney Kearney


Scholarly Engagement Librarian - Physical Sciences and Data Management

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(504) 865-5687

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Albert Vitter, Ph.D.

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Ricardo Cortez, PhD.

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Program Description

The A.H. Clifford Mathematics Research Library, located in Gibson Hall, collects materials to support the graduate teaching and research programs offered by the Mathematics Department. Programs of study are available that lead to B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. The M.S. degree is offered in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. The department currently has active research programs in geometry, topology, computation and applied math, probability and statistics, algebra, and theoretical computer science. The Mathematics Department also holds the annual Clifford Lectures, a weeklong series of talks by distinguished mathematicians. The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library collects materials for undergraduate mathematics and on the popular aspects of the subject. The Mathematics Department currently has 25 faculty members, two postdoctoral associates, and approximately 15 graduate students.

Affiliated program: Computer Science

Subject Resource Guide


Selection emphasizes general mathematics and includes algebra, analysis, differential and algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, probability and statistics, scientific computation, and topology.


Monographs, monographic series, conference proceedings, reference books, and serials are the primary types of materials selected. Dissertations and theses by authors other than Tulane students are not usually sought. Course materials, videorecordings, and software are considered selectively. The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library selectively purchases materials for undergraduate mathematics and popular mathematics. Recent textbooks are not purchased but may be accepted as gifts.


Because of space considerations and to broaden accessibility, journals are sought online when this format is available. Print versions may be cancelled with departmental approval when ownership of the online version is assured and the image quality is adequate. Online access that requires additional costs with a print subscription will be sought selectively within budget limitations. Monographs are usually purchased in printed text format, although other formats are selectively considered when the alternative format would improve access or utility. Course materials, videos, and software are considered selectively.


English is the preferred language of publication, but some foreign language monographs and serials are collected at faculty request.

Chronological Period

Emphasis is on current research. Historical material in this area is considered selectively.

Imprint Date

Preference is given to items published within the last two or three years and items with older imprint dates are sought selectively. Out-of-print materials are sought selectively, mostly to replace important older works damaged or missing from the collection.

Geographical Considerations

No geographic limitations are applied.

Related Collections

Cooperative Resources

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library borrows a wide range of materials for our users through memberships in the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). A reciprocal agreement called TU/LU allows undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty to borrow materials directly from the main library nearby at Loyola University of New Orleans. The LALINC consortium allows graduate students and faculty to borrow materials at other New Orleans area academic libraries and at other academic libraries throughout the state. Inquire at the library's Circulation Desk for more information about cooperative borrowing privileges.

Supply Sources

The library has standing orders for over 20 monographic series. These series include Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, AMS Contemporary Mathematics, and Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Most other books are purchased individually.

Endowed Funds

Mathematics has no endowed funds presently available.

Selection Tools

Faculty and student suggestions are considered, as are reviews from scientific journals. Other selection tools include book slips delivered by YBP, and recently published material lists from major scientific publishers.