Tulane Libraries Off-Site Library Facility

Off-Site Library FacilityMore than 700,000 volumes and thousands of linear feet of achival material from Howard-Tilton Memorial Library collections are housed at the library's off-site storage facility at 900 South Jefferson Davis Parkway located about two miles north of Tulane's uptown campus. Archival material from the library's special collections stored at the facility include manuscripts from its Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC), historic architectural drawings from Southeastern Architectural Archive, and newspapers from the Latin American Library. 

The Tulane Off-Site Library Facility was opened in 2003 and occupies most of a 70,000 sq. ft. renovated warehouse that formerly served as a Coca-Cola distribution center.  The space was first acquired through a lease, but the property as a whole is now owned by Tulane University.

Circulating library materials housed off-site are listed in the library's online catalog and a courier makes a daily run to the facility each weekday that ensures 24-hour turnaround on off-site requests, excluding weekends.  Users make these requests using the Off-site Materials Request Form .

On its own the off-site facility would be considered a large library and it is indeed the third largest in Louisiana. It also respresents a wonderful collection: comparative collection analysis has shown that nearly 60 percent of the titles in its holdings are unique among the largest research libraries in the Southeastern United States that also maintain storage facilities for older  or less used library materials.

The off-site facility housed the Tulane Libraries Recovery Center that was used to process and temporarily store restored or replacment collections after Hurricane Katrina.  The Recovery Center was located in a 14,000 square foot corner of the facility and hosted a multifaceted series of programs organized  to handle more than 1 million items from restoration, donations, and initial replacement purchases that were the library's means to rebuild collections damaged or lost after Hurricane Katrina.  A portion of this area of the facility now houses the library's conservation lab for routinely repairing damaged physical materials from the collections.

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January 2018