General Collection Development

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    Andy Corrigan
    (504) 865-5679
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    M - F 8:30am - 5:00pm
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    HTML 2nd Floor
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The library's collections are managed by liaison librarians who work in departments throughout the library and are assigned to the academic disciplines the collections support. Through liaison contacts with Tulane's academic departments, these librarians provide a variety of services including the selection and management of books, journals, and other scholarly resources. Their collections work is led by the library's associate dean who is assisted by three coordinators for scholarly resources: for the humanities, for science & engineering, and for social sciences & government publications. The coordinators for scholarly resources generally carry the largest numbers of subject assignments among the liaison librarians, serve within a Collections Management Group to advise on budgetary and interdisciplinary matters, and provide individual librarians with guidance on collections practices.

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