Technical Services Division


The Technical Services Division reports to the Associate Dean and is responsible for the acquisitions, availability, and condition of library resources. The Division is also responsible for the offsite storage facility and oversees the library's courier and the mailroom. Scroll down for a list of responsibilities and primary and secondary contacts for most of the activities in the Division. Questions about this list should be sent to



Technical Services Contacts and Responsibilities

Department Area of Responsibility Primary Contact Email Phone Secondary Contact E-mail Phone
Acquisitions Acquisitions (General Questions and Problems)     Amy Olivares 7-1365
Ordering and Receiving Approvals          
  GOBI autoship       Will Judson 5-5693
  Latin American       Esterlina Garcia 4-7876
  European       Esterlina Garcia 4-7876
  Ordering and Receiving Firm          
  GOBI       Will Judson 5-5693
  Latin American       Amy Olivares 7-1365
  European       Madeline Cominos 5-5682
  DVD / Streaming       Jason Straight 5-5694
  Asian       Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Other       Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Matas Library       Jason Straight 5-5694
  Rush Requests       Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Ordering Print Serials and Check-in          
  Ordering Amy Olivares 7-1365      
  EBSCO Kelly Richert 2-8584 Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Check-in and claims David Jaynes 5-5694 Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Invoice Payment and Processing Traci Price 5-5675 Kelly Richert 2-8584
  Continuations Kelly Richert 2-8584 Kate Montgomery 5-5686
  Budget review Traci Price 5-5675 Donna Capelle Cook 5-5692
  Lost Books, withdrawals, reinstates Madeline Cominos 5-5682 Amy Olivares 7-1365
  Gifts Matt Russo 4-7785 Traci 5-5675
Electronic Resources E-Resources (General Questions and Problems)          
  Ordering     Kelly Richert 2-8584
  Serials cataloging Beth Elmwood 7-1368      
  Ebooks James Lien 5-5696 Beth Elmwood 7-1368
  Streaming James Lien 5-5696 Beth Elmwood 7-1368
  E-Resources statistics Frank Schiavo 5-5696 Kate Montgomery 5-5686
  Licences and contracts Greer Robinson 4-7820 Kate Montgomery 5-5686
Cataloging and Metadata Cataloging (General Questions and Problems) Gena George 5-5617 Aurora Vega 2-8572
  Rare book cataloging Gena George 5-5617 Donna Capelle Cook 5-5692
  Rush requests Process Request Form     Gena George 5-5617
  Outsourcing Aurora Vega 2-8572 Gena George 5-5617
  Copy cataloging Aurora Vega 2-8572 Gena George 5-5617
  Physical Processing Ruth Thompson 2-8567 Aurora Vega 2-8572
  Tulane Theses and Dissertations Claudia Cornejo 5-5696  
Conservation Repairs, outsourcing, questions Sabrena Johnson 2-8583 Sara White 988-3115
  Binding monographs Jim Rousselle 5-5601 Jaime Newland 5-5601
  Binding serials Jaime Newland 5-5601 Jim Rousselle 5-5601
  Stacks management Shane Robichaux 2-8582 Christie Otis 2-8585
  Offsite courier Christie Otis 2-8585 Shane Robichaux 2-8582
  Location changes and transfers Shane Robichaux 2-8582 Aurora Vega 2-8572
  Conservation lab Sabrena Johnson 988-3115 Sara White 988-3115
Mailroom General questions Matthew Russo 3-7785 Bruno Lossi 5-5602
Technical Services General questions Donna Capelle Cook 5-5692      
  Government Documents (Federal) processing David Jaynes djaynes 5-5694      
  Voyager accounts and new locations Donna Capelle Cook 5-5692 Gena George 5-5617
  OCLC accounts Gena George 5-5617      
  Space Initiative Projects Donna Capelle Cook 5-5692 Andy Corrigan 5-5679