Anita Kazmierczak-Hoffman


Degree Type: 
Degree Major: 
Slavic Literature and Languages
Degree Institution: 
Kazimierz Wielki University
Degree Year Received: 

Degree Type: 
Degree Major: 
Rare Books and Special Collection, Cataloging
Degree Institution: 
Long Island University, Palmer School of Library Science
Degree Year Received: 
Professional Affiliations
ALCTS CaMMS Copy Cataloging IG, Co-Chair, 2017-2019

LITA/ALCTS CaMMS Authority Control IG, Member-at-Large, 2018-2020

ALCTS Mentoring Program, Mentor 2018-2019

National Language Service Corps (NLSC)
Sub Group: 
Polish, Russian and Ukrainian Languages Speaker Group
Professional Activity
1. Anita Kazmierczak(2018) Innovative ways to recruit and train a new generation of catalogers, ALA Midwinter 2018, Denver, CO.
2. Anita Kazmierczak(2018)The Book of Hours and how to bring the beauty of the "whimsical dragon" in coded tags, ALLA 2018 Annual Convention, Florance, AL.
3. Anita Kazmierczak (2018) Into the journal. Exploring analytical cataloging. NASIG 2018 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.
4. Anita Kazmierczak (2019) Conscious mentoring and foreign librarians: Models of mentoring schemes applied to ethnically diverse librarians entering current technical services workforce. Minitex Technical Services Symposium 2019, Minneapolis, MN.
5. Anita Kazmierczak (2020) Subtle balance between traditional and modern terminology represented by Library of Congress Subject Headings. ALA Midwinter 2020, Philadelphia, PA. 
6. Anita Kazmierczak (2020) From Catalogers to Metadata Specialists. How to Organically Move into the Future of Technical Services. NETSL Annual Spring Conference 2020, Worcester, MA / via ZOOM due to pandemic.
1. Courtney McAllister, Marie Seymour-Green, Kathie Mason, Tina Herman Buck,Tami Wilkerson, Dejah Rubel, Kristin Rogers, Shannon Keller, Katy DiVittorio, Jen Green, Anita Kazmierczak, Rachel K. Fischer & Chris Palazzolo (2018) Reports of Conferences, Institutes and Seminars, Serials Review, 44:4, 316-333
2. Anita Kazmierczak-Hoffman (2019) Museum librarianship a cross-discipline and cross-institution model of librarianship. The Historic New Orleans Collection and the case for successful museum librarians on duty, Codex, Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL, 5:2, 49-86.

Professional Interests