Lisa Hooper


The Head of Media Services provides vision, leadership, and oversight for the Media Center at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. This position is responsible for developing, collecting, and maintaining media collections at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library; performs collection development, library instruction, and liaison work for The Department of Dance and Theatre and the Newcomb Music Department; supervises the equivalent of 3 FTE staff members; and many other related activities.
Degree Type: 
Degree Major: 
Library and Information Science specializing in music librarianship
Degree Institution: 
Indiana University
Degree Year Received: 

Degree Type: 
Degree Major: 
Degree Institution: 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Degree Year Received: 

Degree Type: 
Degree Major: 
Music Performance
Degree Institution: 
Pennsylvannia State University
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Professional Affiliations
Music Library Association
Sub Group: 
Education Committee, 2014-2018 (chair)
Resource Sharing & Collection Development Committee, 2015-2019

Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association (SEMLA)
Sub Group: 
Local Arrangements Committee, 2016-2017 (chair)
Program Committee, 2017-2018
Educational Outreach Committee, 2011-present

Professional Activity

Recent Publications:

“One Fell Swoop: Collaborative Exhibits as Marketing & Outreach.” The Library Outreach Cookbook. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries, anticipated Fall 2017 publication.
“Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall.” [new media review] Notes: Journal of the Music Library Association (June 2017), 43/4.
“Art of Crafting a Score Approval Plan: An Ongoing Process.” Collection Management (2016), 41/4: 228-235. [non-juried]

Recent Conference Presentations:

Marketing Audiovisual Content on Campus,” panel discussion. October 2017 National Media Market, Portland, OR.
“Scores Publishing and distribution: Adapting to a Changing Landscape – E-scores & e-readers: Thinking about the implications.” February 2016 Music Library Association Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH.
“Pushed by the Stream, but Steering with a Strong Paddle: Considerations for Streaming Media Acquisitions Policies” Panel presentation with Tom Humphrey and Sara Morris. October 2015 Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.
“Advocacy in the Digital Sphere: Taking Control of the Digital Score: The direction things are heading…. A place we don’t want to end up in.” February 2015 Music Library Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. Delivered via Skype.

Professional Interests
Future of audio-visual collection development
Collection development methods & policy for self-published works
Use of film for education and community building