Faculty Study Application

All full-time members of the University faculty on the Uptown campus on active status and Emeritus faculty, except those faculty members associated with the Law, Business and Medical Schools, are eligible for faculty studies in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Post-Doctoral Faculty may submit application for a study which will be considered after October 30 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to limited study availability, tenured and tenure track and emeritus faculty will be given priority in study assignments. Other faculty requests will be accommodated depending on availability.

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Both faculty in a shared study must submit an application.
Faculty Study Policy
  • Faculty studies may be used only by the individuals to whom they are assigned. If you would like to “loan” or share your study you should contact the Administrative Office so that arrangements can be made to assign an additional key.
  • You are only assigned to a study for one year. Studies can be renewed on an annual basis, and the study assignment will remain the same. Please see Faculty Study Information section for renewal details.
  • You are responsible for your key. If the key is lost, you must pay for any replacement costs determined by the university to continue using your study. As soon as you discover that the key is lost, please report it and have the Administrative Office process the replacement of the key.
    • Standard procedure for replacing a key includes having the lock changed on the door and 3 new keys made.
    • Faculty studies should never be left unlocked and will be locked by library staff if found opened or unlocked. Always bring your faculty study key with you.
  • Please use your study for the intended purpose of research and scholarship. Studies are not intended for office hours or storage.
  • Contact the Administrative Office to request approval before removing furniture from your study. Additionally, no furniture should be moved from other library areas into a faculty study.
  • Do not use nails, tape or any other permanent methods of affixing papers, curtains, etc to the walls or door. For safety reasons, the window on the door may not be covered. Any window coverings may be removed.
  • Hot pots, space heaters, etc. pose serious electrical and fire hazards and may not be used in the faculty study and may be removed.
  • Any damage to a study or the furniture should be reported to the Administrative Office.
  • No food may be left in the studies to protect all areas from potential damage; beverages are allowed only in containers with lids.
  • The studies are not regularly cleaned by custodial staff. Faculty members are responsible for removing their trash from the study to a trash receptacle in a common area of the library. Please contact Administrative Services if you need assistance from custodial services.
  • The library reserves the right to enter your study at any time. We occasionally need to enter the study for maintenance or inspection or to search for misplaced library materials.
  • The library is not responsible for personal property left in the studies.
  • All library materials that are being used in the faculty study must be checked out at Circulation. This ensures that they may be located if requested by other patrons.
  • In the event that the fire alarm sounds or an announcement to evacuate is made, please leave the library. Look in the area of your study for the closest exit. Please close your study door when exiting the building.
  • You must agree to these Faculty Study Policies as part of the application process.
  • Disregard for policies may result in loss of the study.
Policy Agreement
I have read the Faculty Studies Policy and I agree to abide by the policy. I understand that I am responsible for the key, and if it is lost I agree to pay all replacement costs (determined by the university). I understand that if I fail to comply with the faculty study policy I may lose my study and need to return my key. I also understand that library material used in my study must be checked out, or they may be removed from my study.