Carrel Application

Carrels available for assignment to graduate students and post-doctorates are located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the library. Preference for carrel assignment is given to graduate and post-doctoral students whose subject collections are located in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Latin American Studies graduate students must contact the Latin American Library for carrel assignments on the 4th floor. Law students have access to research carrels in the Law Library in Weinmann Hall.

Faculty can use the faculty study application.

All materials in the carrels must be properly checked out at the Check-Out desk. The carrels will be inspected periodically and any items that are not checked-out and any non-circulating materials will be removed and returned to the shelves.

Personal belongings of value should not be left in the carrels. Carrel assignments are made at the Check-Out Desk.

Assignments are from September 15 to September 15 of the following year. All carrels must be renewed yearly. Failure to renew may result in removal from the carrel.

Please review the graduate carrels regulations before submitting your application.

The Graduate Study Room on the second floor is also available if you are placed on a waiting list.

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