Exploring the Mythology of Disaster in Mexican and Maya Codices using the Maya Hieroglyphic Codices Database

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Room 309, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
This hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to the painted divinatory screenfolds produced and used by ancient Mexican and Maya priest-scribes and to explore their contents via the Maya Hieroglyphic Codices Online Database at www.mayacodices.org. We will look specifically at the mythology, iconography, texts, and calendrics related to natural & mythological disasters. In the first hour we cover some of the basics of hieroglyphic writing, time-reckoning, and astronomy. In the second hour, attendees will learn to use the Codices Database to do queries and interpret results through a series of hands-on activities where they will examine themes, iconography, and glyphic texts related to disasters across and within the four surviving Maya codices. 

Anyone with an interest is invited to attend.  A workbook will be provided to all pre-registered attendees on the day of the workshop.
Christine Hernández, chernand@tulane.edu