Getting started with Open Repositories

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am
HTML 309
Scholars worried about the afterlife of your creative and scholarly work should attend this workshop to learn about opportunities for providing extended and equitable access to your intellectual output. After getting to know a core open repository for the sciences and humanities, you will have time to work alone-but-together to build a personal profile in your repository of choice and begin uploading materials. If you are unsure what your author rights are, bring your contract and we’ll help determine whether you can upload your author’s manuscript/preprint.

Workshop Outcomes:
  • Participants will have basic awareness of two large open repositories;
  • Participants will leave with complete profiles in open repository of their choice (OSF or Humanities Commons);
  • Participants will know how to determine whether they may publish their author's manuscript/pre-print
Computers will be available, although attendees may bring their own laptop if preffered.

Participants are encouraged but not required to bring printed or digital copies of their publisher agreements.

No previous experience with repositories or open repositories is required.