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Recent Exhibits

Italian Literary Patriotism: From the Enlightenment to the Risorgimento

Curated by Linda L. Carroll, Jacklyn Grambush, Rachel Hullett, and Teresa Russo, this exhibit arose from the breadth and depth both of Tulane University's holdings in this area and of the Italian literary patriotic experience.

Over the course of the eighteenth century, Enlightenment ideals of individual dignity and self-determination grew in concert with the determination of leading Italians to free their regional states from the foreign domination under which they had labored from the early sixteenth century. The rise of Napoleon and the American Revolution provided further elements that drove Italy from its fragmented, dominated condition to national unification. Seeking to inspire a patriotism among the populace that would lead to the overthrow of foreign domination, Italian patriots found the answer in their cultural history, especially their literature, undertaking extensive publishing programs to bring their literary classics to a broad public and creating new works to establish both personal and national identity. This exhibit provides a sampling of the books and ideas that helped spur Italy into forging its own existence as a unified nation.

Riverboats and Jazz

This exhibit, prepared by Hogan Jazz Archive Curator Bruce Boyd Raeburn, explores the fascinating history of jazz played on the Mississippi River.  Selections detail the rise and fall of the riverboat excursion, and the impact the engagements had on the careers of early New Orleans jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong and Sidney Desvigne. Rare images and insights bring the bygone era to light in a compelling way, and reiterate the importance of the riverboat excursion and the northern migration of jazz.

The Treasures of Tulane

Preserving Louisiana's Legacy

Did you know that the Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) preserves letters of George and Martha Washington, John Jay’s commission as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and William Faulkner’s hand-written and illustrated manuscript of Mayday?

LaRC’s archival program stretches back to May 3, 1889, when Mrs. L. Dolhonde presented to the Charles T. Howard Memorial Library a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a M. duPlantier of New Orleans. In the more than 120 years since Mrs. Dolhonde’s donation, the Louisiana Research Collection has grown to encompass almost four linear miles of archival documents, books, maps, and other resources central to the study of our state. We hope this exhibit will introduce viewers around the world to the scope and depth of our holdings while also revealing some possibly surprising international cultural treasures.

We begin with the Colonial era and letters from William Penn, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other Founding Fathers. We then highlight our renowned Civil War collection, followed by Louisiana arts and literature featuring Mark Twain, John Kennedy Toole, and William Faulkner.

LaRC’s Carnival Collection is one of Tulane University’s most precious jewels and includes original costume and float designs from the “Golden Age of Carnival.” The exhibit then moves on to women and gender, religion, and finally Louisiana’s rich and often vivid political heritage.

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