Library Fellowship

The library profession is changing. Diverse communities of students are using libraries in new and exciting ways. A new generation of racially and ethnically diverse librarians is needed to provide leadership in the transformation of libraries and library services. Howard-Tilton Memorial Library recognizes and understands this need and seeks to welcome students from these communities to share their strength with the library while learning more about possible careers in librarianship.

The Library is pleased to announce the Library Fellowship program to encourage culturally underrepresented students to explore the field of librarianship as a potential career path and to participate in the development of a more accessible library. By providing exposure to the wide variety of work performed in research libraries, interns can gain solid work experience, develop professional and academic networks, and experience mentorship in a nurturing and professional environment, while bringing their own perspective and skills to Howard-Tilton.

Fellows will work with an assigned mentor, becoming familiar with library functions and developing a research project with goals that align with the needs, mission, and values of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library as well as meet the experiential needs of the student. Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is committed to developing a culturally diverse cohort and encourages applications from culturally underrepresented candidates to apply.

Please send application materials, listed below, to by 5 pm on September 10, 2018.

Program benefits to the student:
  • Enhance your portfolio within your major
  • Develop research and presentation skills
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Gain relevant professional work experience
  • Become more familiar with the library and discover potential library career paths
Internship activity:
  • Work closely with a library mentor.
  • In collaboration with assigned library mentor, develop and complete a project that unifies degree program interests of the intern and work of the mentor’s department. This project will be presented during their last week as part of the library’s professional development series.
  • Tour and meet with librarians and staff in other departments throughout the library.
  • Attend library professional development sessions as their course schedule allows as well as external local library meetings as appropriate and available.
  • Fall and Spring Semester Internships available
  • Pay rate - $15.00/hour
  • Hours/week – 8-10
Application to include:
  • Resume including name, address, email, and telephone
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member
  • Short (max. 350 words) description of what project you are interested in working on and why
Potential work areas:

Science & Engineering Collection Analysis

  • Mentor: Courtney Kearney
  • The Fellow will develop innovative methods and systems to analyze the usage of science and engineering library journal collections in order to make data-driven purchasing decisions.
  • This fellowship may be of interest to the following fields: Computer Science, Mathematics, Business, Data Science

Performing Arts Collection Analysis

  • Mentor: lisa Hooper
  • The Fellow will analyze the presences and absences of non-canonical figures, theories, and works in either the music, dance, or theatre book collections. Utilizing a critical lense rooted in feminist and critical race theory, this fellow will examine the impact of these presences and absences and make recommendations for corrections and re-balancing the collection.
  • This fellowship may be related to the following fields: history, Africana Studies, Gender studies, Cultural studies, and dance, theatre, or music studies depending on the collection examined.

Instructional Design for Data Literacy

  • Mentor: Melissa Chomintra
  • The fellow will support the curation and design of data information literacy instruction materials in order to assist students in learning how to utilize, organize and manage research data, including its reuse and applications.
  • This fellowship aligns itself with competencies in the following academic disciplines: education and computer science.

Instructional Design

  • Mentor: Holly Jackson
  • The Fellow will learn more about library instruction, including information literacy concepts, teaching techniques, pedagogy, design, and assessment. Using this training, they will then create a portfolio of lessons and instructional materials.
  • This fellowship may be of interest to the following fields: education and teaching, research support, digital scholarship support, and library technology. This fellowship draws from any discipline where the student might teach.

Library Collaborations

  • Mentor: Holly Jackson
  • The Fellow will work with both the Library and Tutoring Center to explore ways to collaborate and to conduct a SWOT analysis of the partnership, developing recommendations and best practices. They will also participate in the Pop Up Library Help Desk locations in both the Library and Tutoring Center.
  • This fellowship may be of interest to the following fields: education and teaching, research support, and administration. This fellowship draws from business (e.g., management and marking) and liberal arts fields, like Communication.