New Libraries Website

Tulane University Libraries (TUL) is rolling out a new website soon. While our current site will remain the official homepage of the library through the end of the year, we are making this public version of the new site available to gather Tulane community feedback. This will be incorporated into the final design, which will debut in January 2021.

We ask that you take a look around the site and give us feedback. Your input will help us improve user engagement and comprehension of TUL services and operations.

View the New Beta Libraries Website:

A few things to note:

  • The website is now in beta and will have several more changes before it goes live.
  • Not all of the content has been added. We are still working on adding and editing content. Please check back frequently as more material appears.
  • Images are not necessarily final. We are updating many of our photos.

Thank you for your time. Please give us feedback here!