Books Through Their Pages exhibit

Books Through Their Pages: An exploration of book anatomy through Tulane University's library collections by Eli Boyne, Sabrena Johnson, and Sara White

While we miss being able to show patrons the unique and rare books in our collections, we can still give you a virtual glimpse into book history with our new online exhibit, Books Through Their Pages! In fact, now that we can share these exclusive materials online, more of our community can view and access these usually restricted items. Featuring books from Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC), the Latin American Library (LAL), and Tulane's circulating collections, this exhibit shows books from a range of places and time periods and the physical components that they are made of, aka #bookguts.

Built as a collaboration between librarians and conservators, this exhibit takes a look at the structure of the book and how that has changed over time. Make sure to check out the helpful sliders that feature book terminology and Before & After conservation images here

Illuminations - Richly decorative, illuminations and their surrounding decorations embellish the text of many medieval manuscripts. As seen in this Book of Hours, this page includes decorations of flowers and blackberries, a highly decorated capital illuminated with gold leaf, and a miniature painting of the Annunciation. Each element would be completed by an individual who specialized in that particular decoration.