Howard-Tilton Memorial Library now a HathiTrust Digital Library partner

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is now a partner in the HathiTrust, which is a group of academic and research institutions collaborating to support a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. Its digital library provides long-term preservation and access services for public domain and in copyright-protected content from a variety of sources, including the Google Books project, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and partner libraries' individual digital initiatives.

HathiTrust elephant iconCollectively, the HathiTrust Digital Library holds:
  • 14,558,577 total volumes
  • 7,296,120 book titles
  • 398,911 serial titles
  • 5,095,501,950 pages
  • 653 terabytes of content
  • 5,588,841 volumes (38% of the total) in the public domain
Hathi, pronounced "hah-tee", is the Hindi and Urdu word for elephant, an animal famed for its long-term memory.

How Tulane Benefits
HathiTrust partner institutions like Tulane receive lawful access to in-copyright materials only as afforded by the US copyright act.  In other words, Tulane users are generally able to view the full-text of only the 5,588,841 volumes that are in the public domain such as government publications and older works that are no longer subject to copyright restrictions.  However, Tulane users, once logged in to the HathtiTrust database (using their Tulane user names and passwords,) are now able to download entire works such as the full content of digitized books, rather than one book chapter at a time.  Eventually, Tulane users may also be able to gain access to some in-coprright  items owned by Howard-Tilton but withdrawn due to poor condition or loss, once a market availability search has been conducted showing that a new copy is not available for purchase.

Broader access to in-copyright works in the digital library can be available to Tulane users with print disabilities (see

Those at Tulane who conduct, or wish to conduct, data or text mining as part of their research may be interested in the recently expanded services and capabilities fo the HathiTrust Research Center, which supports data mining of public domain or otherwise open content in the digital library now, with full support for the data mining across the complete corpus of HathiTrust texts expected to become available in 2017.
For more information about the HathiTrust Research Center and its text mining plans see:

Tulane users will find a link to the HathiTrust Digital Library and its own search engine from the Databases list on the library hompage page.  Meanwhile, individual records for public domain items in the HathiTrust Digital Library can be retrieved via the main search box on the library's home page, using the interface's Articles+ option. 

Andy Corrigan