Launch of the New Orleans Independent Music Digital Collection

New Orleans has a vibrant music community and while jazz, funk, and hip-hop dominate the popular imagination, there’s so much more to local musical life than just that. The New Orleans Independent Music Digital Collection seeks to expose the vast complexity of musical New Orleans by serving as an ever-growing research platform for local indie music.
The Music & Media Center in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library has made it a point to collect independently released albums by local artists for the past three years and now has a substantial collection. A full list of albums in this collection can be found by visiting, and searching for the phrase “New Orleans Independent Music.” Interested students, faculty, staff, and researchers are welcome to check these recordings out of the Library. The New Orleans Independent Music Digital Collection, however, aims to take the research value of this physical collection to a new level. Users will be able to listen to one or two songs from an individual album, view the album cover art, link to band websites, and see a list of performers in each band. Performer names and musical genres are also linked so you can click on a name or genre and to reveal some of the musical cross-pollination that gives New Orleans music its unique sound.
We're always looking for more music to add to the collection. There are three core criteria for inclusion: the band must be based in New Orleans, the album must be an independent release, and Howard-Tilton Memorial Library must already own a physical copy of the album. To protect bands’ rights and sales, we only digitize one or two tracks of any album and only after securing the permission of the copyright holder. If you are a member of a local indie band with a recording out that you want to see in the Library and included in the New Orleans Independent Music Digital Collection, write to