Major New Digital Collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences Acquired

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library has acquired a large number of new published digital collections for Fall 2019.  These include facsimile collections of manuscripts, archival materials, or government documents; digitized compilations of classic or historic works; and thematic archives of images or recordings.

All are  accessible via the main search box on the library web site, the library catalog,  or, where appropriate, to collection platforms linked to the library's databases list.

Collection title Source Category Type Publisher's Description
Art and Architecture in Video (ASP) Proquest | Alexander Street Press Humanities Multimedia Art and Architecture in Video delivers over 500 hours of documentaries and interviews illustrating the theory and practice of a variety of art forms and providing the context necessary for critical analysis.
Gender: Identity and Social Change Adam Matthew Social Sciences Manuscripts and Archives Records from men’s and women’s organizations, advice literature , etiquette books, personal diaries and correspondence, all are primary sources in this collection that illustrates the life and careers of key figures and pioneers in gender history.
Sex & Sexuality: Research Collections from The Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections Adam Matthew Social Sciences Manuscripts and Archives Sourced from the renowned Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections, this vast and unique collection makes available essential primary sources from the tenures of the first three Institute directors: Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, Dr. Paul Gebhard and Dr. June Reinisch.
Arte Público Hispanic Historical Series II EBSCO Latin American Studies Manuscripts and Archives This collection is an archive of publications focused exclusively on U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture from colonial times until 1960. Available in two series, Series 2 focuses on Hispanic American civil rights, religion and women’s rights from the 18th through the 20th century.
Archives Unbound: French History Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Manuscripts and Archives Includes pamphlets, newspapers, and other publications chronicle the complex history of France from the 13th to the 20th centuries and provide insight on politics, culture, law and social history.
Archives Unbound: African Studies Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Manuscripts and Archives Covering a critical period of colonialism (1910-1940), this collection brings together primary source materials for the study of politics, culture, and history. It provides particular insight into German, Italian, British, Portuguese, and American influences in Africa as the world advanced toward World War II.
Archives of Sexuality and Gender I – LGBTQ History Since 1940 Part I Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Manuscripts and Archives Gale’s Archives of Sexuality & Gender program spans the sixteenth to twentieth centuries and is the largest digital collection of primary source materials relating to the history and study of sex, sexuality, and gender. Documentation covering social, political, health, and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world is included, as well as rare and unique books on sex and sexuality from the sciences to the humanities.  Selection of materials for this milestone digital program is guided by an advisory board consisting of leading scholars and librarians in sexuality and gender studies.
Archives of Sexuality and Gender II – LGBTQ History Since 1940 Part II Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Manuscripts and Archives (See above)
Archives of Sexuality and Gender III – Sexuality 1600-20th Century Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Manuscripts and Archives (See above)
African Diaspora, 1860-Present Proquest | Alexander Street Press Social Sciences Manuscripts and Archives The collection includes books, government documents, personal papers, organizational papers, journals, newsletters, court documents, letters, and ephemera from the Caribbean, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and France.
Revolution & Protest Online Proquest | Alexander Street Press Social Sciences Manuscripts and Archives Content includes: 175 hours of video, including documentaries, original footage, and personal accounts; 50,000 pages of primary sources and archival collections (personal papers, organization and government documents, and more); 50,000 pages of journals, reports, monographs, and speeches; 1,000 images  from key movements and revolutions.
LGBT Thought & Culture Proquest | Alexander Street Press Social Sciences Manuscripts and Archives Archival material from local and national organizations as well as the personal papers of notable figures. The collection also includes published works and archival materials from around the world, with a particular focus on Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.
Performance Design Archive Proquest | Alexander Street Press Humanities Manuscripts and Archives Performance Design Archive Online features 100,000 pages of primary and secondary resources, including sketches, photographs, technical drawings, monographs, articles, and dissertations. Include never-before-published designs and other research material.
Archivision Research Library (Additional image modules) Archivision Humanities Image Archives The Archivision Research Library is currently comprised of 114,000 professional, high quality images covering architecture, urban design, archaeological sites, landscapes, gardens, and works of art. The Library is intended for scholarship and teaching in architecture and art history but may also have broader appeal across other disciplines.
American Fiction, 1774-1920 Gale Primary  Sources Humanities Historical EBooks Includes more than 17,500 works of prose fiction written by Americans from the political beginnings of the United States through World War I. This collection is based on authoritative bibliographies including Lyle H. Wright’s American Fiction: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography, widely considered the most comprehensive bibliography of American adult prose fiction of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and Geoffrey D. Smith’s American Fiction, 1901-1925: A Bibliography, comprising nearly three-quarters of all adult fiction published in the US during this time period.
Foreign Office Files Middle East, 1971-1981 Adam Matthew Social Sciences Government Documents The Middle East in the 1970s was characterised by its conflicts, with a cast of political figures whose influence can still be felt today. This collection contains complete runs of Foreign Office files sourced from the National Archive, UK, that provide an expansive view of key events and their global political impact.
Congressional Hearings Part L: 2019 ProQuest Social Sciences Government Documents For researchers of political science, history, social sciences, law, and more, this comprehensive collection of US Congressional Hearings is an effective source for general research in many academic disciplines, in addition to research related to specific legislative proposals and laws.

Faculty can link these kinds of digital resources, often at the individual title level, directly to course materials such as syllabi or class session documents in Canvas.  For directions see

Andy Corrigan