New: 2nd Floor Study Commons

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library's brand new 2nd Floor Study Commons is now open for use. 
The planning and design phases for the new study space began late last spring, and the design was completed during the summer.  Next, new carpet for the space was laid with electrical strips for power connections underneath.  The furniture built for the new space began to arrive in October, with the two largest shipments arriving over the past two weeks, during which the installers began the gradual assembly process.
The design of the new 2nd Floor Study Commons includes seating types that have proven to be popular among students using the Selley Study Commons on the 3rd floor and that was constructed in 2011.  Additionally, it incorporates some design elements from the 1st floor Learning Commons below that was constructed in 2008.  In others words, it’s a bridge space between the two, with several choices of both group and individual seating.  Most of the tables in the new 2nd Floor Study Commons where groups can sit have low divider panels to also accommodate private study.
One long counter top table is meant to respond to students’ requests for stand-up tables, although tall chairs are also provided alongside for those who also want to use the counter tables but while seated.
The new area provides an additional 93 seats for those studying in the library, and just in time for the upcoming study and exam period.  All the new tables in the area provide power outlets for students’ laptops or other devices.   Network access in the area is provided via Wi-Fi.
The furniture for the area was purchased through the company Library Interiors Inc., which also produced the  design and its layout drawings with assistance from Lindsay Hellwig, who handles design services for Tulane Capital Projects & Real Estate Group (CPREG).  The electrical system that lays underneath the new carpet in the area was supplied through AD Wynne Co., and installed with help from Tulane’s Facilities Services and Rocker Electric Inc.

Not far from the 2nd Floor Study Commons is another new space called the Graduate Study Room, which was also recently completed and is now available for use.