New: Graduate Study Room

A new kind of graduate study area was recently completed on the 2nd floor and is now open for use.  The area, called the Graduate Study Room, is intended to provide quiet study space for graduate students in ways similar to the older grad carrels also located along the west side of the building, mostly on the northwest sides of the 2nd and 3rd floors.  In this new space, however, the furniture is significantly upgraded, access to the space is controlled via swipe card, and its seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis rather than signed out for an entire semester.

Access to and use of the space is limited to Tulane graduate students for quiet study.

The new Graduate Study Room and its different type of access are intended to make quiet study space available to larger numbers of graduate student researchers.

Here are some general facts about the Graduate Study Room:
  • Access is available to Tulane graduate students who swipe their Splash Card ID through the card reader next to the entrance door, located on the southwest side of the 2nd floor not far from the new 2nd Floor Study Commons.  

  • All Tulane graduate students regardless of program may use the room, but only Tulane graduate students.

  • 20 carrel-like tables with tall sides have been installed in the room.  Some soft seating is coming as well.

  • Seats within the room are not reserved and may not be reserved, but are available to the user as long as s/he remains in them.

  • Six lockers for short-term storage of books and personal items have been provided in the room, but these are not intended for longer term use. 

  • The room can be used by Tulane graduate students during all library hours when the upper floors (2-6) are open.
The furniture for the room was purchased through the company Library Interiors Inc., which also produced is design and layout drawings with assistance from Lindsay Hellwig, who handles design services for Tulane Capital Projects & Real Estate Group (CPREG).