Rolling into the 21st Century with Microforms

Look at these fancy scanners!Recognizing today's digital scholarship needs while using materials from our analog microform collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is proud to announce the addition of 2 new ST ViewScan III microfilm scanners to the Microforms & Newspapers Department.

The new scanners, located in the Microforms & Newspapers area of the library on the 6th floor, allow digital scanning of microfilm and microfiche. Digital scans can then be saved as .jpeg, .tiff, or searchable PDF files onto flash drives, uploaded to other services such as email or Dropbox, or sent to the networked 6th floor printer.

Not only can patrons scan, enhance, and edit high quality images from our collection, but with the new 14 megapixel color image sensors patrons can create full color scans of microfilm* & 35mm color slides.

*While full-color microforms are rare, here at Howard-Tilton we are proud to count among our collections “The Muslim World,” Microfiche 2011-0001. This collection records all aspects of life in the Muslim world of the Middle East, as seen through European eyes. The collection contains paintings, prints, drawings and designs, and costumes and ornaments, with about 10,000 images total on either color or black-and-white microfiche.