ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest CongessionProQuest Congressional is the only site anywhere that offers a comprehensive collection of congressional documents from 1789 to the present. This primary source collection offers students an unparalleled opportunity to understand the present by comparing today’s events and opinions with trends and patterns throughout our nation’s history. Congressional hearings offer a unique perspective on all aspects of U.S. social, economic, and political history by presenting differing views from representatives of all societal sectors, including business, industry, labor, education, health, criminal justice, and government.

Testimony is presented by foreign policy experts, economists, Native Americans, civil rights leaders, public health officials, scientists, farmers, fishermen, environmental advocates, and ordinary citizens. House and Senate publications document the transformation of the U.S. from thirteen colonies into a world power, with primary source content on subjects ranging from war and military incursions to nuclear energy, space exploration, terrorism, and human rights. When examined in conjunction with ProQuest news and archival sources, congressional content can faciliate the ability of even novice researchers to develop critical thinking skills necessary for full participation as citizens and workers in a secure and competitive society of the future.