Preparation for data collection and analysis improves the efficiency of the research process. Funders often require a data management plan (DMP) when submitting a proposal. The requirements for these plans vary depending on the funder and nature of the research; however, they often address the following questions:

  • What types of data will be collected? E.g. Spatial, temporal, instrument-generated, models, simulations, images, video etc.
  • For each type of data file, what are the variables that are expected to be included?
  • What software programs will be used to generate the data?
  • How will the files be organized in a directory structure on a file system or in some other system?
  • Will metadata information be stored separately from the data during the project?
  • What is the relationship between the different types of data?
  • Which of the data products are of primary importance and should be preserved for the long-term, and which are intermediate working versions not of long-term interest?

DMPTool is software that uses funder specific templates to help researchers write a DMP. It is available to all Tulane affiliates. The research data management team is available to review and answer any questions related to DMPs.

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