Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards

Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards allow Tulane faculty members to designate teaching assistants, graduate assistants, or others to check out materials to their library account.  Faculty members may authorize who they choose to check out materials in their name simply by sending them to the library with this card.  To obtain an Alternate Faculty Borrowing Card, the faculty member must come to the Check-Out Desk in person to verify their identity to anyone at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Check-Out Desk, fill out and sign a request form that the library keeps on file.  After filling out the form, library staff will issue them the card.  Every item checked out with the Alternate Faculty Borrowing Card is charged to the faculty member's library account just as if it was checked out with the faculty member's Tulane ID.  Alternate Faculty Borrowing Cards do not expire so they may be passed to other student or graduate assistants as the faculty member sees fit.  The faculty member remains fully responsible for all books checked out with the alternate card and responsible for recalling the card when the surrogate terminates from Tulane.