Lost Items and Appeals

Lost Item Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that books and media items kept past the library’s stated borrowing periods are returned.   In order to avoid loss within and diminution to the library collections, an overdue book or media item is considered lost 28 days after the due date and the borrower will be charged for its replacement.

Specifically, when a book is 28 days overdue, the book is declared lost and the patron’s borrowing privilege is suspended.  The patron is charged $100.00 for the replacement cost and a $15.00 processing fee (a total of $115.00) for each book more than 28 days overdue. Replacement cost and processing fees must be paid at the Bursar’s Office.
Returning Lost Books
If a book declared lost is returned to the library prior to the 35th day after the due date, the $100.00 replacement cost is forgiven and borrowing privileges are restored.  Thirty-six days after the due date, the patron must pay the $100.00 replacement cost and $15.00 processing fee at the Bursar’s Office or submit an appeal.

Media Items
When a media item reaches 14 days overdue, the item is declared lost. The patron’s borrowing privileges are suspended and the patron is charged a $100.00 replacement cost and $15 processing fee (total of $115.00) per lost item. Replacement costs and processing fees must be paid at the Bursar’s Office.
If a declared lost item is returned to the library within 21 days of the due date, the $100.00 replacement cost is waived and borrowing privileges are restored; the patron is still responsible for the $15.00 processing fee. If an item has not been returned within 22 days of the due date, the patron’s account will remain blocked until the Bursar’s Office receives full payment or the patron has successfully completed an appeal with the Library.

Overdue Notices
For each item borrowed, a courtesy reminder is sent via the patron’s Tulane email address one week before books are due.  Once a due date has passed, a past due notice is sent via email.  An additional overdue notice is sent after an additional 7 days if the book is not returned.  If the library does not have your email address, the notice is sent to the mailing address on file.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the patron that contact information is kept up-to-date in the library system. Failure to receive such a notice does not absolve the borrower's responsibility for fees.  
To dispute a library replacement costs for lost items, the patron should first speak with the Circulation supervisor on duty. If the problem is not resolved the patron may fill out an appeal form online or at the Check-Out Desk. All appeals forms must be filled out completely and accurately. Please submit any supporting documentation that will help the Appeals Board make its decision.

Appeals Board
The Appeals Board is comprised of the Head of Access Services and four librarians and/or staff members from the various divisions of the library. It meets once a month when an appeal(s) has been submitted.  The board will convene and discuss each appeal. It will make a decision and a decision form will be sent to the patron with the verdict.

Appeal Fines Form