Computer Policy

Responsible Use

All individuals should use the library computers responsibly in pursuit of academic functions. In doing so, they must not infringe on the rights or privacy of others or the integrity of the computer system, and they must abide by Technology Services' university-wide policy on use of computers and networks. The following list characterizes some, but not all, unacceptable uses of computers in the Library:

  • Repeated use for non-academic or non-research purposes by non-Tulane affiliates.

  • Downloading or installing software to hard drives.

  • Deliberately altering any files or modifying the configuration of any Library workstation or peripheral.

  • Violations of the Library computer security or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security, obtain passwords, share passwords with others, or the unauthorized use of passwords.

  • Destruction or damage of computer equipment, or the removal of any part of the Library computer workstations.

  • Use of two or more library computers simultaneously

  • Connecting personal computers, laptops, or other devices to the Library network.

  • Game playing, including interactive games

  • Copying any copyright-protected digital content

  • Any illegal activity

Any individual found to be using the computers to the distraction of another user or limiting access to the computer for the research purposes of another user, will be required to cease the activity, unless they can demonstrate that they are completing an academic assignment for a Tulane University class. Repeated violations by students, staff or faculty will be referred to the appropriate campus disciplinary body. Violations by non-affiliated users will be referred to the Department of Public Safety and violators may be removed from the campus.

Guests (Non-Tulane Library Users)

Guests may access the non-login computers for academic research only. Use of library computers by guests for non-academic purposes (i.e. recreation) is expressly prohibited, and guests may be asked to verify that they are using a computer for academic research purposes only. Tulane students, faculty, staff, and users of federal depository collections have priority over guests in cases where an insufficient number of computers are available in the library. We reserve the right to limit the amount of time that a guest may occupy a computer; normally this should not exceed two hours per day.

Food and Drink

Although drinks may be consumed in the library in a covered container, users should exercise caution near computer equipment to avoid leaks or spills. Damage resulting from spills will be the responsibility of the user. Food is not permitted in the library, except in the lounge area near the PJ's coffee stand and in the snack lounge in the basement. See the food and drink policy.