Off-Campus Access

Please Note:

Off Campus Login has changed. You will be prompted to login when you connect to a licensed resource. 

Database licensing agreements allow access only for current students, faculty and staff to use the library databases from off-campus. We regret that we are unable to provide off-campus access to alumni.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you are logging in to the library web site using a Tulane Virtual Private Network, you will need to log off the VPN to use library resources. 

Logging in to the proxy server

Proxying your research session is done at point of need: when you get to a resource that the library subscribes to, you will be prompted to login. Once you’ve logged in, a cookie will be saved by your browser, so you shouldn’t have to log in again during your session. If you try to access a library subscription and get an error message or otherwise aren’t able to, please report the problem to the Research Help Desk: (504) 865-5606,, or by chat.

Problems logging in to different resources

Once you have logged on to the proxy server, you should not need to login again to use other resources. However, if you do encounter problems accessing additional resources, try re-logging on to the proxy server. There are several reasons you may have to log in again. A few of them are:

  1. You may have timed out of the proxy server.

  2. You may have timed out of the database you were using.

  3. You may have unintentionally logged out of the proxy server by closing the database/window you were originally logged in on. If this happens frequently, please report the problem.

Problems accessing specific resources

If you are logged on, but still having problems finding or accessing the needed resource, some possible scenarios are listed below.

Accessing certain years/issues/volumes of online journals

We do not have complete full text runs for all journals - so double-check to make sure that we really are supposed to have access to a particular journal. You can do this by looking at the years of access in the e-journal title list and also looking in the library catalog. Several vendors will list all of their online journals in their database, even though we don't own access to all of those journals. This understandably leads to confusion, so check both the catalog and the e-journals list to see if we truly should have access to the full text of the journal.

Accessing resources directly

The login page for the proxy server is a Tulane-branded white page with a box for a username and a box for a password, with instructions on what to use for each. If you are getting a login page that is brand specific - for example, "Please enter your ProQuest password." - this indicates that you are not going through the proxy server. Make sure you are going through the library web site and authenticating before you get to the digital resource. We pay (quite a bit of money) for these digital resources, they are not available to everyone with Internet access. You have access to them strictly because you are affiliated with Tulane University. While you can get to a resource directly if you are on campus, this is because you are automatically being authenticated by Tulane University's IP range. If you try to go directly to JSTOR for example, using your own Internet Service Provider, JSTOR will have no way to verify that you are affiliated with Tulane University and will not give you access. If you go through the library web site, and authenticate, this tells the vendor that you belong to the Tulane license agreement.

Resource is full/all seats are taken

A few of our resources have a limited number of simultaneous users - when all of the available "seats" are being used, sometimes you will get an error message and other times the product will forward you to a login screen. If this appears to be the problem, try the resource again in a few minutes for one of the available seats to open.

Report problems

Sometimes our online resources experience a technical problem. There might be a problem with the server, or even scheduled upgrades when a database might be unavailable for a short time. To verify a resource is not functioning, you can contact the Research Help Desk at (504) 865-5606 or by chat to have them test whether the resource is functioning on campus. Since we have so many resources available, we rely on our patrons to let us know when they experience a problem with any of our resources. This helps us get started on restoring access as soon as possible.

To report a problem, please contact the Research Help Desk: (504) 865-5606,, or by chat.