Metadata Schemas

Schema Name Focus Description
DCME - Dublin Core Metadata Elements All documenting a broad range of resource types
ABCD -Access to Biological Collection Data Biology a common data specification for biological collection units, including living and preserved specimens, along with field observations that did not produce voucher specimens
ADS - Archaeology Data Service Archaeology used when describing archaeological data
AVMS - Astronomy Visualization Metadata Astronomy documenting astronomical imagery
CCO - Cataloging Cultural Objects Cultural Heritage data content standard for the cultural heritage community
CDWA - Categories for the Description of Works of Art Material Culture for describing and accessing information about works of art, architecture, other material culture, groups and collections of works, and related images
CSDGM - Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata Geospacial Data documentating digital geospatial data
CSDGM Extensions for Remote Sensing Geographic Data metadata describing geospatial data obtained from remote sensing.
CSDGM Biological Data Profile Biology documenting biological resources data and information
CSDGM Shoreline Data Profile Shoreline data profile is to capture the critical processes and conditions that revolve around creating and collecting shoreline data
CF - NetCDF Climate and Forecast Metadata Climitology conventions for climate and forecast
DDI - Data Documentation Initiative Social & Behavioral description standard for social, behavioral and economic sciences
DwC - Darwin Core Biology primarily based on taxa, their occurrence in nature as documented by observations, specimens, and samples, and related information.
DIF - Directory Interchange Format Scientific data sets descriptive and standardized format from the Earth sciences community for exchanging information about scientific data sets
tDAR - The Digital Archaeological Record Archaeology used when describing archaeological data
EAD - Encoded Archival Description Archives standard for the encoding of finding aids for use in a networked (online) environment. Finding aids are inventories, indexes, or guides that are created by archival and manuscript repositories to provide information about specific collections.
EML - Ecological Metadata Language Ecology specification for describing data relevant to the ecological discipline
GeoSciML - GeoScience Markup Language Geography XML schema for data exchange over the Internet that incorporates the ability to represent geography (geometries e.g. polygons, lines and points using the OGC's GML specification) as part of the features that are being exchanged. The range of features being offered for exchange are defined by the domain or subject area of geoscience or the geological sciences
GILS - Government Information Locator Service Government standard so that governments, companies, or other organizations can help searchers find collections of information, as well as specific information in the collections.
"IEEE/LOM Learning Object Metadata" Education used to describe a learning object and similar digital resources used to support learning
ISO 19115 Geographic Information Geography defines how to describe geographical information and associated services
MARC – Machine Readable Cataloguing for Library Library Resources "formats are standards for the representation and communication of bibliographic and related information in machine-readable form"
MathML Mathematics a low-level specification for describing mathematics as a basis for machine to machine communication
MEI - Music Encoding Initiative Music an XML DTD for the representation and exchange of music information. It is designed to be comprehensive, that is, it provides ways to encode data from all the separate domains, i.e. logical, visual, gestural (performance), and analytical, commonly associated with music.
MODS - Metadata Object Description Schema Library Resources schema for a bibliographic element set that may be used for a variety of purposes, and particularly for library applications
MPEG-7 - Moving Picture Experts Group Digital Audio & Video a standard for describing the multimedia content data that supports some degree of interpretation of the information meaning, which can be passed onto, or accessed by, a device or a computer code
NLMDC - National Library of Medicine Dublin Core Metadata Schema Medicine based on the metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and incorporates additional elements and qualifiers identified as requirements by NLM
OCHRE -- Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment Archaeology intended for researchers engaged in artifactual and textual studies of various kinds. It is especially suitable (1) for organizing and publishing the results of archaeological excavations and surveys and (2) for preparing and disseminating philological text editions and dictionaries.
PB Core - Public Broadcasting Core Metadata Media metadata standard for audiovisual media developed by the public broadcasting community
VRA Core - Visual Resource Association Visual Culture & Images a data standard for the description of works of visual culture as well as the images that document them
VSO - Virtual Solar Observatory Astronomy a set of template descriptions for information required to describe solar data sets