Classic Catalog - Advanced Search

Tutorial Topic: 

An Advanced Search is a way to combine search terms in different categories.
It is similar to a Keyword Search, but allows a more specific search.

Start at the library homepage, click on CLASSIC CATALOG in Popular Resources box.
Then click the ADVANCED tab on the Classic Catalog page.

Classic catalog on homepage

Advanced search button

Advanced search page

1. Type in your first search term(s) in the first Search box. Don’t worry about correct capitalization.
2. Select a word order combination. The default combination for search terms is for any of these, which will search for your terms in any order. The other options are for all of these and as a phrase.
3. Choose a category from the drop-down menu. This menu offers more options than in a Basic Search.
4. Select which Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) you want applied to your terms.
5. Type in your second search term(s) and follow the steps 2-3 above.
6. If you have a third search term, follow steps 1-4.
7. In addition to the drop down menu, you can also refine your search with several other parameters. Make the selections you’d like from the available drop down menus, then click Search.

Search tips:
• Use ? for truncation. Example: child? will find child, children, childhood
• For an Author search, type the authors’ last name, a space, then first name or initial
any of these means that one or more of the terms must appear in the record
all of these means that all the words must appear in the record
as a phrase means the terms will be searched for as entered
AND will narrow a search to obtain fewer records
OR will expand a search to obtain more records
NOT will narrow a search by excluding terms
• Search in options include: keyword anywhere, ISBN/ISSN combined, title, author, subject (keyword), personal name (by or about), series, publication date, publisher, title proper, place of publication, table of contents/notes, Superintendent of Documents number.

Example search
Let’s say you are looking for a short story by William Faulkner with the word “rose” in its title:

• Type in “faulkner” in the first Search box.
• Select “all of these” as the word order and Author Keyword from the drop down menu.
• Select the AND operator.
• Type in “rose?” in the second Search box.
• Select “all of these” as the word order and Keyword Anywhere from the drop down menu, or select Table of Contents/Notes.
• Click Search.

Example search

Looking at your search results
Once you have performed your search, you will get a list of results.
• To view the record of any item, click on the title of the item.
• Be sure to note the item’s Call Number, Availability, and Location.

Search results

For items in Howard-Tilton Stacks, use the Call Number Floor Guide to determine which floor the book will be shelved:
Call Number Floor
A - BF 5
BH - DA 4
DB - LT 3
M - NX 6
P - PF 3
PG - QD  2
QE - Z 1
Periodicals On Display 3