Library Search - Basic Search

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To begin your library search, go to the library home page and enter terms into the search box.

search box

The initial list of results in library search is the Books+ tab which includes books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, online videos, government documents, dissertations and more.

results list


For scholarly articles or newspaper articles, use the Articles+ tab. 
To limit to CDs, DVDs and online videos, use the Audio|Visual tab.

change tab

In the Articles+ tab, you are able to limit your results from the selections under Show Only, such as Peer-reviewed Journals or Full Text Online.

Refine by Topic allows you to choose a more specific area within a broad topic. This will limit results to a subset related to the topic selected.

results list

Physical items, such as books or DVDs, will have a Location and a Call Number. Look for Available at for the item’s location; in these examples, Music & Media for the DVD and Howard-Tilton Stacks for the book. The call number is a combination of letters and numbers which tell you where the book can be found. You’ll also see the floor on which the item is located in the Howard-Tilton Library.

availability and location

For items in Howard-Tilton Stacks, use the Call Number Floor Guide to determine which floor the book will be shelved:
Call Number Floor
A - BF 5
BH - DA 4
DB - LT 3
M - NX 6
P - PF 3
PG - QD  2
QE - Z 1
Periodicals On Display 3