Classic Catalog - Basic Search

Tutorial Topic: 

To do a basic keyword search in the library catalog, click on CLASSIC CATALOG in Popular Resources box on the library home page.

Classic catalog button

To search:
•Type the terms of your search in the Search box. Do not worry about correct punctuation or capitalization, but try to use correct spelling.
• Ensure Keyword is selected in the within drop-down menu.
For more advanced searching, click on the Advanced tab above the search box.

Search bar

Search tips:

• Use quotes for phrases:“united states”
• Use ? for truncation: child? will retrieve results with child, childhood and children.
• Don’t use general terms like “religion,” as they will retrieve more results than you need and more than you have time to look through.
• Do try to be specific. Instead of “religion,” try “women early christianity.” The catalog will automatically search for all three words in keywords anywhere in a record.

Refine your Search Results
You can apply filters to refine your search by selecting any one of the available filters.
You can filter by media, location, and date.

Filter your search

Looking at your search results
Once you have performed your search, you will get a list of results.
• To view the record of any item, click on the title of the item.
• Be sure to note the item’s Call Number, Availability, and Location.

Availability details

For items in Howard-Tilton Stacks, use the Call Number Floor Guide to determine which floor the book will be shelved:
Call Number Floor
A - BF 5
BH - DA 4
DB - LT 3
M - NX 6
P - PF 3
PG - QD  2
QE - Z 1
Periodicals On Display 3