Library Search - Advanced Search

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After logging into your Library Account from the library’s homepage or signing into your account from Library Search, you can save search queries, save citations to your e-shelf, and organize your citations into folders.

Saving Search Queries
Conduct a search and then scroll down to the bottom of the REFINE MY RESULTS menu and click Save query.

results list

In the new window, name your query. If you only want to save the query then click Save. If you want to save the query and set an alert, select the Save & alert button, enter an email address, and click Save.

query name   email alert

You can see your saved queries by clicking to My Account at the top of the page and selecting the Queries tab.

my account

Saving Citations to Your e-Shelf
Evaluate your results and select the citations you want to save by clicking the star next to the record.

star an item

You can see your saved citations by selecting e-Shelf at the top of the page.


Organizing Your Saved Citations

First, create a folder. Click the New Folder icon, name the folder, and click Save.


Check the box by those items you wish to move to your new folder, click the scissors icon to cut or the double paper icon to copy. Select the folder in which you want your citations to be, then click the clipboard icon to paste them into the new folder. Click the X icon to delete an item.

copy cut etc

Write notes to yourself by clicking the thought box icon. Type your note and click Save.

note box