Library Account - Renewing Books Online

Tutorial Topic: 

Log into your Tulane library account from the library website using Tulane Account under Login in the top right.

Log into your Tulane library account

Or, use the Sign in link in the top right if you have already conducted a search from the library search box.


Choose My Loans from the drop down menu.


From LOANS you can see:

  • the titles of library items you currently have checked out
  • when items are due
  • whether you can renew them online - there area will be blank if not renewable
To renew items:
  1. click RENEW next to the item
  2. or click RENEW ALL


You can select FINES + FEES from the menu on the top to see if you own anything.
You can also see if you have any BLOCKS on your account of if you have any outstanding REQUESTS.