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Howard-Tilton has group study rooms on the first floor. Go through the glass doors beyond the PJ's coffee stand and take a left at the first row of books. There you will find two group study rooms with white boards and large monitors for group work. Bring your own Mac Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to connect to the large monitor.

Group work is also welcome in the Learning Commons on the 1st floor, in the elevator lobbies, and in the snack lounge in the basement.

Group work is not allowed in the Selley Study Commons on the 3rd floor.

A group study room is available on the fifth floor on the Dixon side of the building.

Room 602 off the elevator lobby is available for group study if not reserved for a class or meeting. Student organizations registered with the Office of Student Programs may also reserve this room for meetings. Meetings must be approved and may be scheduled no more than two weeks in advance. Reserve room 602.

If you need a quiet room for a Skype interview, check with the Tulane Career Center.

First Floor Group Study Rooms

First Floor Group Study Rooms exterior

First Floor Group Study Rooms interior

Fifth Floor Group Study Room

Fifth Floor Group Study Room

Fifth Floor Group Study Room inside

Room 602

Room 602 exterior

Room 602 inside