Dean's Welcome

Dear Friends of Tulane University Libraries, 

I am thrilled to join the vibrant community at Tulane University as the new Dean of Libraries.  I am excited to lead libraries that support the intersection of tradition and innovation, reflected in Tulane University Libraries' refreshed Mission, Vision, and Values.

Our mission at Tulane Libraries reflects our ongoing commitment to introspection and imagination-- centering intentional design of services, spaces, and collections with our community as inspiration. As Tulane's Calm in the Hullaballoo,  we foster connections, curate resources, and preserve knowledge. This mission isn't merely what we do—it's how we do it. It's about igniting the spark of curiosity, encouraging exploration, and cultivating an interdisciplinary haven where multiple modalities of learning and research thrive. 

Looking forward, our vision for Tulane University Libraries is both audacious and deeply rooted in our heritage. We aim to be a kaleidoscope of tradition and innovation, where the echoes of the past meet the possibilities of the future. By embracing Tulane's bold aspirations and safeguarding its scholarly legacy, we create a vibrant balance. This balance isn't just internal; it extends to our invaluable support of the city of New Orleans and our contribution to global research and academic communities.

Our values-- the cornerstone of everything we do-- are about creating, communicating, and conserving knowledge. These values form the compass guiding us in our pursuit of excellence, inclusion, and accessibility. At Tulane University Libraries you will find that all hands are on DECC (Delight, Equity, Curiosity, and Connection) to support your scholarly aspirations and diversions. We know that the path to new knowledge isn't linear-- and we can help you find your way.

I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for Tulane University Libraries. Together, we will continue to amplify Tulane's overarching purpose by fostering an environment that not only encourages learning but also champions diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I invite you to join us on this journey as we evolve, innovate, and continue to serve as a beacon of knowledge and discovery.


Warm regards,

Lindsay Cronk

Dean of Libraries, Tulane University