Name Sort descending Department Job Title Work Email Work Phone
Carol Anderson-Avila Latin American Library SALALM Secretariat Program Coordinator cavila [at] (504) 247-1366
David Banush Office of the Dean Dean of Libraries and Academic Information Resources dbanush [at] (504) 865-5131
Hayden Battle Access Services Head of Access Services hbattle [at] (504) 865-5695
Marla Bennett Administrative & Strategic Services Senior Executive Secretary mbennet3 [at] (504) 247-1823
Flora Boatwright Cataloging & Metadata Library Technician fboatwright [at] (504) 865-5696
Celeste Bordelon Offsite Library Technician cbordelon [at] (504) 988-3116
Sean Bourg Library IT Application Developer III sbourg [at] (504) 865-5697
Elizabeth Boyne Special Collections Rare Books Library Associate eboyne [at] (504) 247-1934
Heather Brunner Administrative & Strategic Services Senior Administrative Program Coordinator, Human Resources hbrunner [at] (504) 247-1824
Graciela Cabrera Matas Library Circulation Technician galejos [at] (504) 988-2403
Hortensia Calvo Latin American Library Doris Stone Director of the Latin American Library hcalvo [at] (504) 314-7828
Ann Case Special Collections University Archivist acase [at] (504) 314-7821
CC Chapman Media Services Library Associate kchapma1 [at] (504) 865-5680
Melissa Chomintra Research & Instruction Librarians Scholarly Engagement Librarian for the Social Sciences mchomintra [at] (504) 247-1872
Madeline Cominos Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician cominos [at] (504) 865-5682
Donna Cook Technical Services Director of Technical Services dcook [at] (504) 865-5692
Amy Corder Matas Library Research Support Librarian acorder [at] (504) 988-2404
Claudia Cornejo Cataloging & Metadata Library Technician ccornejo [at] (504) 865-5696
Andy Corrigan Office of the Dean Associate Dean of Libraries, Chief Collections Officer andyc [at] (504) 865-5679
Madonna Covington Matas Library Budget/Administrative Coodinator madonnac [at] (504) 988-2060
Jillian Cuellar Special Collections Director of Special Collections jillian.cuellar [at] (504) 247-1873
Agnieszka Czeblakow Special Collections Head of Research Services aczeblakow [at] (504) 865-5608
Anthony DelRosario Research & Instruction Librarians Coordinator for Research Support Services adelrosa [at] (504) 314-2141
Anquienetta Dickerson Circulation Library Associate adicker [at] (504) 247-1811
Elizabeth Elmwood Acquisitions & E-resources Serials and Electronic Resources Catalog Librarian eelmwoo [at] (504) 247-1368
Patricia Ford Offsite Library Technician pford4 [at] (504) 988-3116
Ageo Garcia Cataloging & Metadata Latin American Catalog Librarian agarcia1 [at] (504) 862-8573
Esterlina Garcia Acquisitions & E-resources Library Associate egarcia7 [at] (504) 314-7876
Gena George Cataloging & Metadata Head of Cataloging and Metadata ggeorge [at] (504) 865-5617
Michelle Gibeault Research & Instruction Librarians Scholarly Engagement Librarian for the Humanities mgibeault [at] (504) 247-1821
Chris Gonzalez Stacks Management Library Technician cgonza1 [at] (504) 862-8585
Bailey Graffagnini Circulation Library Technician mgraffa [at] (504) 865-5689
Maria Gulden Cataloging & Metadata Library Associate mgulden [at] (504) 865-5696
Del Hamilton Offsite Manager, Library Annex dhamilton [at] (504) 865-5132
Christine Hernandez Latin American Library Curator of Special Collections chernand [at] (504) 247-1829
Elaine Hicks Matas Library Research, Education, & Public Health Librarian ehicks2 [at] (504) 988-2785
Mary Holt Matas Library History Librarian/Cataloger maryholt [at] (504) 988-2062
Lisa Hooper Media Services Head of Media Services lhooper1 [at] (504) 314-7822
Raquel Horlick Office of the Associate Dean Coordinator for Scholarly Resources, Sciences & Engineering rhorlick [at] (504) 865-5643
Dev Jannerson Circulation Library Technician djannerson [at] (504) 865-5689
David Jaynes Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician djaynes [at] (504) 865-5694
Grace YoungJoo Jeon Office of the Dean Assessment and User Experience Librarian yjeon [at] (504) 247-1785
Sabrena Johnson Conservation Conservation Librarian sjohnso6 [at] (504) 862-8583
Michael Jones Library IT Web Developer II mjones10 [at] (504) 247-1892
William Judson Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician, Domestic Ordering wjudson [at] (504) 865-5693
Courtney Kearney Research & Instruction Librarians Scholarly Engagement Librarian - Physical Sciences and Data Management ckearney [at] (504) 865-5687
Erin Kinchen-Addicks Special Collections University Archives Library Associate ekinchenaddicks [at] (504) 247-1819
Sean Knowlton Digital Scholarship & Inititatives Head of Digital Scholarship and Initiatives sean [at] (504) 314-7823
Cortney Labadie Interlibrary Loan Library Technician clabadie [at] (504) 865-5610
Anthony Lemoine Interlibrary Loan Library Technician alemoine [at] (504) 865-5610
Cecile Levert Cataloging & Metadata Library Technician levertc [at] 504) 865-5696
James Lien Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician jlien1 [at] (504) 865-5696
Bruno Lossi Mailroom Mail Technician blossi [at] (504) 865-5602
Penny Lytle Matas Library Interlibrary Loan Technician plytle [at] (504) 988-5156
Dorothy Mackendrick Administrative & Strategic Services Director of Administrative and Strategic Services dmackend [at] (504) 865-5579
Rebecca Malek-Wiley Cataloging & Metadata Principal Cataloger malek [at] (504) 247-1812
Nix Mendy Special Collections Archival Processing Library Associate nmendy [at] (504) 314-2142
Leon Miller Special Collections Curator, Louisiana Research Collection lmiller [at] (504) 314-7833
Jordan Mirostaw Matas Library Circulation Technician jmirosta [at] (504) 988-2405
Kate Montgomery Acquisitions & E-resources Head of Acquisitions and Electronic Resources kmontgom [at] (504) 865-5686
Amanda Morlas Administrative & Strategic Services Marketing Specialist amorlas [at] (504) 247-1820
Greg Murphy Circulation Library Technician gmurphy [at] (504) 865-5689
Jaime Newland Conservation Library Technician jnewland [at] (504) 865-5601
Penelope Ojeda Latin American Library Library Technician pojeda [at] (504) 314-7891
Amy Olivares Acquisitions & E-resources Acquisitions Manager amyroar [at] (504) 247-1365
Keith Pickett Matas Library Coodinator, Research Services & User Resources kpicket1 [at] (504) 988-2406
Jane Pinzino Office of the Associate Dean Coordinator for Scholarly Resources, Humanities jpinzino [at] (504) 247-1560
Jess Planck Library IT Web Developer II jplanck [at] (504) 314-7784
Neville Prendergast Matas Library Director nprender [at] (504) 988-2060
Traci Price Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician tprice5 [at] (504) 865-5675
Kelly Richert Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician kricher [at] (504) 862-8584
Shane Robichaux Conservation Library Associate srobich [at] (504) 862-8582
Greer Robinson Acquisitions & E-resources Library Specialist grobins [at] (504) 314-7820
Cardell Ross Jr Administrative & Strategic Services Accountant II crossjr [at] (504) 314-2740
Jim Rousselle Conservation Library Technician jrousse1 [at] (504) 865-5601
Matthew Russo Mailroom Library Technician mrusso5 [at] (504) 314-7785
Veronica Sanchez Latin American Library Library Unit Coordinator of the Latin American Library msanche4 [at] (504) 247-1827
Lori Schexnayder Special Collections Research Services Library Associate lschexna [at] (504) 865-5691
Frank Schiavo Acquisitions & E-resources Library Technician fschiavo [at] (504) 247-1837
Ida Schooler Latin American Library Library Associate ischooler [at]
Rami Sharkey Library IT Applications Developer III rsharkey [at] (504) 247-1558
Bruce Smith Cataloging & Metadata Cataloging Specialist brudon [at] (504) 865-8571
Rachel Stein Latin American Library Latin American Library Research and Instruction Librarian rstein7 [at] (504) 247-1870
Ruth Thompson Cataloging & Metadata Library Technician rthomps6 [at] (504) 862-8567
Charlie Tillay Cataloging & Metadata Cataloging & Metadata Librarian tillay [at] (504) 247-1561
Nicole Toussel Administrative & Strategic Services Building Manager ntoussel [at] (504) 247-1804
Aurora Vega Cataloging & Metadata Cataloging Librarian aurora [at] (504) 862-8572
Alan Velasquez Digital Scholarship & Inititatives Library Unit Coordinator avelasqu [at] (504) 988-5286
Pat Vince User Services & Library IT Director of User Services & Library IT pvince [at] (504) 247-1369
Jennifer Waxman Special Collections Head, Collection Management jwaxman1 [at] (504) 247-1806
Melissa Weber Special Collections Curator, Hogan Archive of New Orleans Music and New Orleans Jazz mweber3 [at] (504) 247-1807
Eric Wedig Office of the Associate Dean Coordinator for Scholarly Resources, Social Sciences wedig [at] (504) 865-5644
Toni Wells Offsite Library Technician twells1 [at] 504-988-3116
Sara White Conservation Conservation Specialist swhite19 [at] (504) 988-3115
Madeleine Wieand Digital Scholarship & Inititatives Digital Production Coordinator mwieand [at] 504-247-1562
Brittani Williams Matas Library Interlibrary Loan Technician bwilli18 [at] (504) 988-2413
Kevin Williams Special Collections Coordinator for Exhibits and Outreach kevinw [at] (504) 247-1836
Josh Windham Media Services Library Technician jwindha1 [at] (504) 314-7122
Laura Wright Matas Library Research Support Librarian lwright7 [at] (504) 988-2063
Jianli Yao Conservation Library Assistant jyao [at] (504) 862-8585