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Carlos Fernando Chamorro Barrios addresses the crowd. Photo by Cheryl Gerber.

Chamorro Barrios Family Papers Exhibit Opening & Reception

On November 8, the Latin American Library (LAL) celebrated the opening of the Chamorro Barrios Family Papers with a major exhibit and inaugural address by award-winning Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro Barrios. 

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the finished enclosure for the Tulane codex

Collections Highlight: Conservation work on the Codex Tulane

In this spring season of renewal, the Codex Tulane, or Códice Huamelulpan, has had a rebirth of its own. A mid-sixteenth century Mesoamerican painted manuscript on deer hide, the codex consists of inscriptions, pictorial and otherwise, likely used in court proceedings for land litigation.  Recorded pictorially is a mythological origin scene to begin the document followed by the genealogies of… (read more)