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Image: Margaret Randall (1936-). 19-7-79 Nicaragua Libre. Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua, 1980. Nicaraguan Sandinista Archive Collection, The Latin American Library.

New Exhibit: Central America at The Latin American Library

A new exhibit, Central America at The Latin American Library, is now on view on the 4th floor of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

The exhibit celebrates the histories and cultures of the Central American countries—Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama—through The Latin American Library's unique and special collections. ​

Of special… (read more)

photos of Dr. Hortensia Calvo, Dr. Christine Hernández, and Dr. Rachel Stein

Staff Spotlight: Hortensia Calvo, Christine Hernández, and Rachel Stein

This summer, The Latin American Library (LAL) offered a satellite course for the University of Virginia’s Rare Book School (RBS)—a milestone in expanding the RBS curriculum to incorporate forms of writing, recording, and printing from Mexico and Central and South America. Dr. Hortensia Calvo, Doris Stone Librarian and Director of LAL; Dr. Christine Hernández, Curator of Special Collections at… (read more)

Image: Rubbing of Lintel 15 from the site of Yaxchilán, Chiapas, Mexico. From the Merle Greene Robertson Collection 133, Manuscripts Collection.

Latin American Library to offer Rare Book School course

The Latin American Library (LAL) will be offering a satellite summer course with Rare Book School (RBS), a leading educational institute for topics concerning old and rare books, manuscripts, and special collections, housed at the University of Virginia.

LAL librarians Hortensia Calvo, Christine Hernández, and Rachel Stein are co-designing and teaching the course, titled "Spanish… (read more)

the finished enclosure for the Tulane codex

Collections Highlight: Conservation work on the Codex Tulane

In this spring season of renewal, the Codex Tulane, or Códice Huamelulpan, has had a rebirth of its own. A mid-sixteenth century Mesoamerican painted manuscript on deer hide, the codex consists of inscriptions, pictorial and otherwise, likely used in court proceedings for land litigation.  Recorded pictorially is a mythological origin scene to begin the document followed by the genealogies of… (read more)