Teach with The Latin American Library


Teaching brings The Latin American Library (LAL) to life. A centerpiece of the LAL mission is to support student research and learning.

Write to LAL@tulane.edu to set up an in-person or online instructional collaboration. Let us know your teaching needs and learning objectives and our librarians will work with you to design an engaging, dynamic session for your students. Click here for sample lesson plans and activities

The LAL Teaching Philosophy

  • Active, hands-on learning
  • Creative, flexible, and critical thinking
  • Welcoming environment for all students
  • Close collaboration among faculty and librarians
  • Unique instructional design to meet each class's objectives
  • Equitable access to instructional materials

What can I do with LAL instruction?

The most popular instruction sessions are geared at:

Ask about:

  • Student digital research projects 
  • "Embedding" a librarian in your course for multiple sessions

Asynchronous Resources

The LAL has developed a self-guided learning tool for building research skills in Latin American, Caribbean, Latinx, and Iberian Studies at Tulane University: Latin American Library Research Basics.

Instructors can combine assigning the video and text tutorials in Latin American Library Research Basics with in-person instruction sessions at the library.

Request Teaching Materials 

Email LAL@tulane.edu to request a print or e-book purchase for your course, or for help facilitating student access to course materials.

Our librarians will do their best to accommodate your requests! 

Students looking through photo viewers at The Latin American Library


Instruction session with special collections in the Latin American Library Seminar Room