Math Dissertations

Listed Alphabetically: Author, Title and Year

ACOSTA, DANIEL. Spin orbifolds and the minimal genus problem. 1997

AHMADI, ELHAM. Boundary integral formulation for flows containing an interface between two porous media. 2016

ALFORD, WILLIAM ROBERT. Some wild embeddings of one and two dimensional spheres in the three sphere. 1963

ANDERSON, LEE WILLIAM. Topological lattices. 1956

ANGAD-GAUR, HENDRIK W.K. Homological dimension of abelian groups over their endomorphism rings. 1978

ARANDA, VIVIAN C. Computational modeling of peristaltic pumping using the method of regularized stokeslets. 2008

BABCOCK, WILLIAM WARREN. On linearly ordered topological spaces. 1964

BAIN, MELANIE. Pseudo-arclength parametrization and a Turing model of pattern formation. 2001

BALLOTTI, MICHAEL ERNEST. Modern versions of the theorems of Kneser and Wiener. 1983

BARKER, TYLER. A Monad for Randomized Algorithms. 2016

BEATROUS, FRANK HAYNE JR. The inhomogeneous Cauchy-Riemann equations and holomorphic approximation in weakly pseydoconvex domains. 1978

BELL, HAROLD. On fixed-point properties of plane continua. 1964

BENTON, STANLEY HOWARD JR. Global solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi boundary value problems by variational methods. 1972

BERGLUND, JOHN FINDLEY. Various topics in the theory of compact semitopological semigroups and weakly almost periodic functions. 1967

BEYARSLAN, SELVI. Regularity of Powers of Edge Ideals. 2017

BLEICHER, MICHAEL NATHANIEL. Lattice coverings of n-dimensional Euclidean space by equal radius spheres. 1961

BLEIER, ROGER DANIEL. Free vector lattices. 1971

BOETTNER, STEFAN T. Mixed transcendental and algebraic extensions for the Risch-Norman algorithm. 2010

BOINDALA, PRIYA S. New minimal representations of self-propelled swimmers in low Renolds number regime using regularized fundamental solutions with applications to collective flow. 2010

BOROS, GEORGE. An algorithm for the efficient integration of rational functions and some classical theorems in analysis. 1997

BOTTINO, DEAN CARLO. An immersed boundary model of ameboid deformation and locomotion. 1996

BOWMAN, THOMAS THEODORE. On the automorphism groups of some types of compact semigroups. 1970

BOYCE, WILLIAM MARTIN. Commuting functions with no common fixed point. 1967

BROWN, PETER N. JR. Reaction-diffusion equations in population biology. 1978

BUCKLEY, JEREMY. Amenability of fell bundles. 1999

BUNCE, JOHN WINSTON. Partially ordered vector spaces and operator algebras. 1969

BURCH, BENJAMIN CLAY. A semigroup treatment of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation in several space variables. 1975

BUTT, SHU-SHIH HU. On maximal non-determining subalgebras of group algebras. 1966

BUTTNER, WOLFRAM. On translation planes containing Sz(q) in their translational complement. 1978

BYRD, RICHARD DOWELL. Lattice-ordered groups. 1966

CALMES, JASON. Estimating the probability of accurate phylogeny reconstruction by quartet aggregation. 2012

CALZADA, MARIA EUGENIA. A combustion model for incompressible flows. 1991

CANNON, RAYMOND JOSEPH JR. Quasiconformal structures and the metrization of 2-manifolds. 1967

CAPEL, CHARLES EDWARD. Inverse limit spaces. 1953

CASE, JAMES HUGHSON. Some relations between induced homorphisms on homology and cohomology groups. 1954

CASTELLANO, BRUNO MICHAEL. Group actions associated with monoids on disks. 1981

CHAMBLESS, DONALD A. The representation and structure of lattice-ordered groups and f-rings. 1971

CHAO, TEMIN. Ultrabalanced subgroups in torsion-free abelian groups. 1994

CHENG, SHERYL SHAN-HWEI. Weak homotopy category in a category with cotriple. 1968

CHUI, KWONG WING. A numerical model of two dimensional incompressible flow and heat transfer in a boundary layer. 1993

CLARK, WILLIAM E. Affine semigroups over an arbitrary field. 1964

CLEAVER, FRANK LEE. On coverings of four-space by spheres. 1960

COHEN, HASKELL. Codimension. 1952

COLLINS, HERON SHERWOOD. Completeness and compactness in real linear topological spaces. 1952

COLLINS, HUGH M. Analytic functions in CL where L is infinite. 1969

COLLINS, SHEILA O’DONNELL. A general injectivity for modules. 1971

CONNER, WILLIAM J. On locally closed sets. 1950

CORBIN, PATRICK. Tangential stabilization of spherical spaceforms. 2011

CROFTS, GEORGE WILLIAM. Echelon spaces, co-Echelon spaces, and steps. 1967

CUI, SHUMO. Well-balanced central upwind schemes. 2015

CUTRER, MILTON WAYNE. On the maximal ideal space of the algebra of bounded holomorphic functions in polydiscs. 1969

DAVIS, ROBERT CLAY. Abstract universal algebra. 1967

DE PAEPE, PETER J.I.M. Analytic polyhedral. 1971

DERR, LEROY JOHN. Approximations to continuous operators on function spaces. 1957

DIEM, JANET HUGHES. Estimation in a non-stationary markov chain. 1976

DILKS, ANN MARIE. Structure of hyperspaces. 1980

DIMITRIC, RADOSLAV. Slenderness in abelian categories. 1983

DOUCET, JULIEN. Zigzag continua. 1992

EAST, GERARD. Finite group actions and the topology of nonnegatively curved four-manifolds. 1997

ECKSTEIN, FRANK HERMANN. Some results in ring theory: I. an extension of the Wedderburn-Artin theorem II. semigroup methods in ring theory. 1967

ELLIOTT, FRANK W. JR. Continuous and discrete filtering of photon noise in nuclear medicine. 1990

ELLIS, JAMES WATSON. Complementary spaces and Cartesian products of groups and linear spaces. 1952

ELLIS, JOHN THOMAS. Group topological convergence in completely distributive lattice ordered groups. 1968

ESTRELLA, ANGEL G. Traveling wave solutions to McKean's charicature of the nerve equation in two dimensions. 1998

EVANS, HOWARD EDWARD. Baer rings and their structure sheaves. 1972

FARAG, SAAD F.M. The central measure algebra of a connected lie group. 1984

FAUCETT, WILLIAM MUNROE. Topological semigroups and continua. 1954

FELTUS, ERASMUS EUGENE. Mixed problems for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation. 1975

FENG, JOHNNY. Domain Theoretic Structures in Quantum Information Theory. 2011

FENSKE, ELLIS. Anonymity and Linkability. 2018

FISCHER, ELLEN E. Systems of polynomial equations (Honors Thesis). 1994

FLANDERS, MARY CATHERINE. Ideal c*-algebras. 1968

FOULIS, DAVID JAMES. Involution semigroups. 1958

FRAME, MICHAEL LEE. Inertia groups of fibre bundles. 1978

FRANSEN, BERTHOLD. On torsion-free modules over valuation domains. 1983

GAMUNDI, EMILY WILSON. Region of two solutions for asymmetric networks with dynamic routing. 2004

GORDON, WILLIAM LEWIS. On the coefficient group in cohomology. 1952

GORZYCKA, ALEKSANDRA.  Bayesian Updating and Statistical Inference for Beta-Binomial Models. 2018

GOSSMANN, ROSEANNA.  The Elastohydrodynamics of a Simplified Model of Human Birth. 2018

GREENE, WILLIAM ANDREW. Categorical considerations and a generalization of Hilbert-star algebras, and projective limits of certain function spaces. 1973

GRIFFIN, JOHN S. JR. A notion of parallelism in general fibre bundles. 1955

GUAN, XIAO.  Methods in symbolic computation and p-acid valuations of polynomials. 2017

HAALAND, PERRY DEAN. A new approach to pattern detection. 1977

HANCOCK, VERNON RAY. Commutative Schreier extensions of semigroups. 1960

HAQUE, MOHAMMAD R. Cech homology and cohomology groups of compact, 1cn spaces. 1963

HARVEY, JOHN GROVER II. Complete holomorphs and chains in partially ordered groups. 1961

HASSELL JOHNETTE. The torsion product of valued vector spaces and abelian p-groups. 1975

HELMER, DIETRICH. Continuity of group actions. 1973

HENDRICKSON, JOSEPH HYRAM. Temporally inhomogeneous scattering for modified wave operators. 1974

HERNÁNDEZ-VIERA, MARIAN. A method to model membrane permeability. 2012

HIGHTOWER, COLLIN JAMES. On the minima of real indefinite binary quadratic forms. 1963

HILGERT, JOACHIM. Foundations of k-theory for c*-algebras. 1982

HOFFMANN, FRANZ. A numerical method for doubly-periodic stokes flow in 3D with and without a bounding plane. 2015

HOLLAND, WILBUR CHARLES JR. Extensions of ordered algebraic structures. 1961

HOPKINS, MATTHEW M. Computational model of the collective fluid dynamics of motile microorganisms. 1997

HORNE, JAMES GRADY JR. Concerning o-ideals. 1956

HUDSON, ANNE LESTER. On the structure of certain classes of topological semigroups. 1961

HUDSON, SIGMUND NYROP. Topological loops with invariant uniformities. 1963

HULIN, ADAM JOSEPH. Extensions of ordered semigroups. 1969

HUTH, MICHAEL. Projection-stable and zero dimensional domains. 1991

JIANG, SHANSHAN. A Simple Model of Oscillators Coupled Through Fluid: Effective of Reynolds Number. 2016

JIU, LIN. The method of brackets and the bernoulli symbol. 2016

JOHNSON, KELLEY. Multiplicativity of the euler characteristic. 2015

JONES, LESTER W. JR. Freeness and continuity in semilattices. 1980

JOSEPH, GEORGE J. Stochastic numerical optimization with applications to seismic exploration. 1988 

KAHN, HAROLD DAVID. Covering semigroups. 1969

KEESEE, JOHN W. Cohomology groups of a collection. 1950

KEITH, VERENA SABINE. On invariant bilinear forms on finite-dimensional lie algebras. 1984

KESARWANI. AASHITA.  Theory of the Generalized Modified Bessel Function K z,w (x) and 2-Adic Valuation of Integer Sequences. 2018

KIM, DONG SIE. Bounded holomorphic functions of several complex variables. 1969

KIMURA, NAOKI. On semigroups. 1957

KIRSCHNER, DENISE ELLEN. Mathematical modeling of the AIDS virus in epidemiology and immunology. 1991

KOCH, ROBERT JACOB. Topological semigroups. 1953

KOHL, KAREN T. Algorithmic methods for definite integration. 2011

KRAUSS, FRITZ. Structure theory of c*-algebras. 1973

KRULE, IRWIN STUART. Structs on compact spaces. 1955

KU, HSU-TUNG. Cohomology structure of compact transformation groups. 1967

KU, MEI-CHIN HSIAO. Some topics in compact transformation groups. 1967

KUROCHKIN, DMITRY V. Numerical method for constrained optimization problems governed by nonlinear hyperbolic systems of PDEs. 2015


LANG, NORMAN C. On centroids of rings and ring properties of injective hulls. 1970

LATIOLAIS, MARION PAUL. Homotopy type versus simple homotopy type in dimension two. 1984

LEE, DONG HOON. Supplements for the identity component in locally compact groups. 1967

LEE, SANG-BUM. Divisible modules over domains. 1988

LI, HUICONG. Reaction diffusion equations on domains with thin layers. 2015

LI, LI-GE. Positive solutions of some predator-prey interacting systems. 1986

LI, XUEFENG. A compressible vortex method for viscous gas dynamics and its numerical implementations. 1990

LIN, CHIN-YAUN. Degenerate nonlinear parabolic boundary value problems. 1987

LIU, HONG. Goodness-of-fit tests for accelerated life models with right censored data. 2001

LIU, WENHONG. On complete conformal deformations of noncompact riemannian manifolds. 1995

LIU, YU. Numerical approximations of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws. 2012

LLOYD, JUSTIN THOMAS. Lattice-ordered groups and o-permutation groups. 1964

LU, ZIYANG. Sharp threshold and wave propagation in a nerve conduction model. 1995

LUKENS, SARAH R. Using Lagrangian Methods to Analyze Flow Structures in Biological Fluid Dynamics. 2010

LUNG, CHIEN-AN. The nuclear cusp condition in spin polarized Thomas-Fermi theory. 1992

LUNSFORD, MATT D. Indecomposable modules over valuation domains. 1993

LUO, QINGYANG. Integrated analysis of genomic and longitudinal clinical data. 2014

McARTHUR, CHARLES WILSON. On unconditional summability of sequences in semigroups with a topology. 1954

McDONALD, AMY. Mathematical modeling of cell structures in three space dimensions (Honors Thesis). 1995

MACIAS ALVAREZ, SERGIO. Covering spaces of homogeneous continua. 1992

MACIAS-DIAZ, JORGE EDUARDO. Projectivity and complete decomposability of modules over domains. 2001

MAGGIO, CHARLES D. Interactions of Calcium Dynamics, Muscle Forces, and Tissue Properties in a Model of Uterine Fluid Flow and Embryo Transport. 2011

MAIER, FRANZ. Diffeomorphism types of elliptic surfaces. 1987

MANNA, DANTE V. An extension of Landen transformations. 2006

MANNAN, FOREST.  Singly-Periodic Stokes Flow and the Simulation of Cilia. 2017

MARTIN, JOHN ROWLEY. Determining oriented knot type from the diagram of a knot. 1970

MARTIN, KEYE. A foundation for computation. 2000

MARTINEZ, JORGE. Extensions of partial orders on groups. 1969

MARX, MORRIS LEON. On extensions of normal curves. 1964

MATHEWS, HARRY THOMAS. Some results in cluster set theory. 1964

MEDDAUGH, JONATHAN. On components and continuum components of covering spaces for homogeneous continua. 2011

MEDINA, LUIS A. Case studies of experimental mathematics: p-adic valuations of recurrences. 2008

MEINEL, KLAUS. Superdecomposble modules over integral domains. 1981

MELVIN, ROBIN GUY. Random choice methods for a turbulent combustion model. 1986

MENG, XIANFENG (DAVE). A computational model of flow through porous media at the microscale. 1998

MESSA, KENNETH. On classes of modules with certain universal properties. 1976

MEYER, K. NICOLE. Distance-weighted neighboring sites models for methylation pattern inheritance. 2013

MEYERS, WILLIAM ELWOOD. Holomorphic behavior in uniform algebras on non-compact spaces. 1967

MICHAELIDES, ANDREAS V. Lower bounds for ropelength of links via higher linking numbers and other finite type invariants. 2015

MILLER, JASON M. Central-upwind schemes for shallow water models and tsunami wave dynamics. 2012

MONLEZUN, CHARLES JOSEPH. Temporally inhomogeneous scattering theory. 1972

MOORE, DANNY JOE. On the fixed point properties of tree-like continua. 1972

MORGAN, SUSAN. Predicting time to parole failure. 1985

MULLER, THOMAS K. C*-semigroup bundles and c*-algebras whose irreducible representations are all finite dimensional. 1987

MUSIELAK, MAGDALENA M. A computational model of nutrient transport and acquisition by diatom chains in a moving fluid. 2007

NGUYEN, HOANG-NGAN. Error-reducing corrections for the method of regularized Stokeslet for fluid-membrane interactions. 2012

NGUYEN, HUNG DANG.  Anomalous Diffusion and the Generalized Langevin Equation.  2018

NINO-SALCEDO, JAIME. On continuous posets and their applications. 1981

NISCHAL, ATUL. Stable classification of homotopy equivalences fake lense spaces. 1997

NOWALSKY, JUDITH L. Properties of the generalized Euler’s elastic curve. 1998

NUMMELA, ERIC CARL. Algebraic cohomology of compact monoids. 1970

O'KEEFE, AUGUSTINE B. Cohen-Macaulay toric rings arising from finite graphs. 2012

ODDERS, ELIZABETH R. Condition number estimation for an adaptive PDE Code: a first step. 1990

OLSEN, CATHERINE LOUISE. A structure theorem for polynomially compact operators and related lifting theorems. 1970

OLWI, IBRAHIM ALI. Numerical solution of laminar free convection from a vertical plate using a grid-free method. 1984

ORR, DALTON E. Endomorphism rings with certain properties. 1977

ORR, GEORGE EDWARD. Holomorphic approximation on special analytic polyhedra. 1971

OUYOUNG, KUONG LIN. Periodic solutions of conservation laws. 1978

PACKARD, EARL. Finite difference approximations for parabolic systems on grids with irregular nodes. 1998

PARK, MI AI. Model equations in fluid dynamics. 1990

PEDERSEN, FRANKLIN D. Contributions to the theory of regular subgroups and prime subgroups of a lattice ordered group. 1966

PEDERSEN, KATHERINE LIPPS. Characterization of 2-dimensional polyhedra. 1969

PENNEY, DAVID EMORY III. An algorithm for establishing isomorphism between tame prime knots in E3. 1965

PETRUS, ANN. Whitney maps and Whitney properties of C(X). 1976

PICKETT, DOUGLAS. Scattering theory for higher order equations. 1989

POLLACK, MICHAEL J. Semi-discrete central-upwind schemes for elasticity in a heterogeneous media. 2012

POND, CODY. Effective boundary conditions on coated bodies. 2011

PONDER, NATHAN. Asymptotics of eigenvalues of an operator associated with a pure jump Markov process. 1998

POWELL, WAYNE BRUCE. On a class of lattice ordered modules. 1978

PRZYGOCKI, ANTONI JAN. Schur indices of characters of Sp(4,q). 1979

PULLEN, JEFFREY D. Complete coverage probability of polyhedra. 2012

QU, ZHUOLIN. Fast operator splitting methods for nonlinear PDEs. 2016

RAMIREZ, DONALD EDWARD. Uniform approximations by Fourier-Stieltjes transforms. 1966

REJNIAK, KATARZYNA A. A computational model of the mechanics of growth of a trophoblast tissue. 2002

RENEGAR, CYNTHIA. Inertial h-cobordisms. 1985

RIEDER, GISELLE RUIZ. Mathematical contributions to Thomas-Fermi theory. 1986

RILEY, JOHN PHILIP JR. Decompositions of E3 with a compact o-dimensional set of non-degenerate elements. 1967

ROBINSON, WILLIAM BREWSTER. Extensions of basic sequences in Frechet spaces. 1970

ROTHE, MAGNUS. Continuous coboundaries for dynamical systems on polish spaces. 1998

RUSSO, RAY LOUIS. Universal continua. 1975

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SCHNEIDER, WALTER JAN. Some theorems in constructive function theory. 1963

SEGALLA-PICKETT, GABRIELLA. Approximation theorems for linear integro-differential equations in banach spaces. 1991

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SHEN, SHANSHAN. Error analysis on the blob projection method for immersed boundary problems. 2012

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SKOUIBINE, KIRILL. Mathematical modeling of spiral wave reentry and defibrillation shocks in ventricular myocardium. 1998

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SOILEAU, PEGGY LYNN. The tensor and torsion products of modules over valuation domains. 1984

SOLANILLA, LEONARDO. Conformal deformation to positive curvature on noncompact surfaces. 1999

SONG, YU. A numerical method for turbulent combustion problems. 1991

SPRAGUE, PARKE DARNALL. On the integral closure of function algebras. 1972

SPURR, MICHAEL J. On the Zero set of a holomorphic one-form. 1983

STEPHENSON, ROBERT MOFFATT JR. P-minimal and p-closed spaces. 1967

STOREY, CHARLES ROBSON JR. The structure of threads. 1959

STRAUB, ARMIN. Arithmetic aspects of random walks and methods in definite integration. 2012

STRECKER, GEORGE EDISON. Co-topologies and generalized compactness conditions. 1966

STROTHER, WAYMAN L. Continuity for multi-valued functions and some applications to topology. 1952

STEUTZEL, CLAUDIA. The continuous wavelet transform. 1999

SWANSON, KRISTIN RAE. Turing model of pattern formation with periodic boundary conditions (Honors Thesis). 1996

TAKAHASHI, ALONSO. On Hilbert modules. 1971

TELLER, J. ROGER. On ordered algebraic structures. 1964

THOMAS, DAVID EDWARD. Freeness and its generalizations in valued vector spaces. 1974

TLUPOVA, SVETLANA. Improved accuracy of numerical solutions of coupled stokes & Darcy flows based on boundary integrals. 2007

TODOROV, TODOR. Desuspending involutions on S1 x Sn. Concordance classes of homeomorphisms of S1 x RPn . 2011

TONG, ALFRED ESPERANZA. Tensor products of banach spaces with unconditional bases. 1968

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TRAN, HUONG THI. Boundary layer phenomena for a turbulent model. 1991

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TUNG, HSU LIN. Quasi conformal mappings and pseudo quasi conformal mappings in R3. 1970

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UGURLU, OZLEM. Counting Borel Orbits in Classical Symmetric Varieties.  2018

UNNITHAN, SINDHU S. P-rational extensions of modules. 1991

VAN KUILENBURG, MICHAEL A. Convexity and approximation in Stein spaces. 1972

VANDERLEI, BENJAMIN A. Error estimation for interface problems. 2008

VARELA, JANUARIO. Derivations and automorphisms of c*-algebras. 1973

VEROSKY, JOHN. Applications of the formal variational calculus to the equations of fluid dynamics. 1985

VERRET, JOSEPH S. The commutator subgroup of certain finitely presented groups. 1975

VILLARREAL, KAREN. Fibered products of homogeneous continua. 1991

WALLACE, DAVID R. Permutation groupoids and circuit bases: an algebraic resolution of some graph structures. 1975

WANG, QI. Reaction-diffusion systems involving cross-diffusions. 2012

WARD, LEWIS EDES JR. Partially ordered spaces. 1953

WEBB, JOEL. Stabilization of spherical space forms. 2006

WEITABA, JOHNSON. On the relationship between dose of a carcinogen and latency period. 1996

WICHNOSKI, BRUNO JOHN. Temporally inhomogeneous nonlinear scattering theory. 1974

WILKEN, DONALD RAYL. Local behavior in function algebras. 1965

WU, SANXING. On the semilinear equation D u + k(x) - f(x,u) = 0 on complete manifolds. 1995

WU, TA-SUN. Some topics in topological algebra. 1962

WU, TONG. Adaptive Moving Mesh Central-Upwind Schemes. 2016

XIANG, TIAN. Global dynamics of the local and nonlocal Patlak-Keller-Segel chemotaxis systems. 2014

YANG, CHUNG-TAO. Equivalence of the Alexander-Kolmogoroff and Cech cohomology theories. 1952

YANG, QIANG. Macroscopic fiber motion in polymeric fluid driven by a four roll mill. 2015

YANG, XIANGFENG. Large deviation expansions. 2011

YU, HONGYI. Domain decomposition multiplicative Schwarz method and local adaptive mesh refinement strategy for solving a class of nonlinear parabolic equations. 1997

YUAN, JOHN. Embedding of an infinitely divisible probability measure on a locally compact semigroup. 1974

ZAME, WILLIAM ROBIN. Stable algebras of holomorphic germs. 1970

ZENG, BIN. On the existence and concentration of solutions to nonlinear Schrödinger equations. 1995

ZHANG, HAN. Dualities of domains. 1993