Find Oral Histories

The Hogan Archive Oral History finding aid lists the oral histories on file at the Hogan Archive at Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC). They are arranged in alphabetical order by name of interviewee. Most of the oral history interviews have transcripts, digests, or notes available.

Through collaboration with Music Rising at Tulane University, many Hogan Archive Oral Histories are now streaming online via the Music Rising website. If there is a transcript or digest available for an interview, it is a searchable PDF and available on the Music Rising website. 

In 1998, New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park and the New Orleans Jazz Commission conducted a series of videotaped oral histories of New Orleans jazz legends. This project was intended to build on the Hogan's oral history project, which began in 1958. Both projects were created to collect and preserve the memories and oral traditions of New Orleans musicians. The finding aid for the Jazz National Historic Park Oral History project is available. Please note that not all of the video oral histories are available for use at this time. To learn more, contact the TUSC Research Services team at