TUSC Newsletter

TUSC Newsletter


Newly Discoverable Collections at TUSC

Recently, TUSC hired two new members of the Collection Management team – Kure Croker and Samantha Schafer – who were introduced in the last issue of this newsletter. With their addition, the team is now up and running in making long-hidden TUSC collections available to the public for research and use. 

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Pages Unveiled: Journey into the Book Beyond Text

Tulane University Special Collections announces a new exhibition: 

Pages Unveiled: Journey into the Book Beyond Text 

March 15,… (read more)


TUSC Prison Newspapers Online

Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC) recently participated in a project to scan prison newspapers from across the country and make them freely available online. TUSC’s growing collection of Louisiana Prison Newspapers spans The Angola Argus (1940) to the present, and Reveal Digital, sponsor of the… (read more)