Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to Lori Schexnayder and Alan Velasquez, who won two “ARLies” awards at the 2021 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Film Festival. Their video, “Hogan Jazz Archive Photography Collection,” won in the category “Collections-Focused Films and Best Reflection of Diversity.” 

The video is one of an ongoing series called “Collection Connection” that Special Collections is producing on the library’s YouTube channel. Each episode focuses on a different TUSC collection available online within the Tulane University Digital Library, such as the Carnival Collection, the Tulane University Archives Historical Collection, and the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Collection.  

The ARL film festival highlights and shares multimedia projects developed by member institutions to increase knowledge and use of libraries, their spaces, services, collections, and expertise. “Hogan Jazz Archive Photography Collection” was written and narrated by TUSC’s Lori Schexnayder. Alan Velasquez, Media Production Unit Coordinator for Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, directed and edited the video and used his video production skills to bring the video to life with sound, images, and movement. 

“As archivists, we want our materials to be accessible and for people to see and use them. The goal of this video was to make more people aware of the significance of this collection; you don’t have to be a music scholar or historian to appreciate it. If this video helps viewers learn something new or discover a lesser known musician or photographer, that would be really gratifying,” says Lori. 

You can view Lori and Alan’s award-winning video and the rest of the TUSC “Collection Connection” video series here. 

picture of Lori Schexnayder and Alan Velasquez holding their two ARLies awards